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Latest CODM Game Guardian Cheat Tutorials No Root & Root

This game made by Garena Mobile Private is classified as having just been released on smartphones as of last September 2022. Even though the cheats from the CODM game have just been released, they have been scattered on the internet and have proven to be successful. for example, this CODM game guardian

Yes no system is safe, cheaters always use loopholes so they can play easily. The existence of this cheat makes the game feel very easy even though you pass by a pro player.

Latest COD Mobile Guardian Game Tutorial

Warning: This article is purely educational & provides fun for you. If you use this cheat, all risks are borne by you. if there are other players / your enemies who feel aggrieved because you use this cheat, your sins are also borne!

Cheat or cit cod mobile is a command code to penetrate and unlock features that are actually prohibited by the developer. The use of this cheat is usually strictly prohibited with great risk. Just go to the CODM game guardian cheat tutorial

A. COD Mobile Cheat Material

please first download the latest COD Mobile cheat material on android so that the cheat can run. It should also be noted that all the materials here you can choose the download site and what is definitely there should not be missed.

Game Guardian

CODM Scripts

Download Host

Virtual Space Mod

so there are two ways to use game guardian CODM, you can use a rooted or no root cellphone. Now, for this part, you just have to adjust it to your cellphone, okay?

B. How to Cheat Game Guardian COD Mobile [No Root]

1. First of all, you have to have Call of Duty installed on your smartphone. You can download the game on the Playstore.

2. Then install the application Virtual space that you downloaded earlier. It is useful to use Game Guardian CODM if your smartphone is not rooted.

3. If it is already installed, please run it and then clone the Call of Duty apk by clicking the + (plus) icon

Latest COD Mobile Cheats game guardian

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4. If so, then install GameGuardian. After installing there are 2 icons GG HW and sw. select sw and then set it to default. Later GameGuardian will be installed with a random name.

Cheat Code Mobile

5. Then open Virtual Space and a direct clone of GamrGuardian which has a random name.

Note : You must first activate the Virtual Host so that it is not detected which will result in your account being banned. Please install virtual hosts.

6. Install the virtual host application, then click Re-Select Host and select the codm host that you downloaded above. The host will be automatically activated.

COD Mobile Cheats

7. Well, hika Virtual Host is active. Go back to Virtual space then run GameGuardian clone. A pop-up will appear on the side of your smartphone screen.

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Warning : If the popup doesn’t appear you need to go to Android Settings. Then select the installed application. Select Virtual Space and then select More permissions. And please allow Pop-up windows listed below. Accept / allow / allow the choice.

8. Run the Call of Duty Game clone on the app Virtual Space

9. If the game is already open, open the Game Guardian icon. Then select Process and select the COD Mobile game. Continue on selecting the latest COD Mobile cheat script Play icon on the right side of the Game guardian application

Call of duty game guardian cheats

10. Select the latest COD Mobile Cheat Script that you have downloaded in the material I prepared. The script contains CODM cheats that have various features.

C. How to Cheat Game Guardian COD Mobile [Root]

1. Download and Install Call of Duty Mobile on Playstore.

2. Download GameGuardian and install it right away. Later two icons will appear HW and SW, Open the SW GG Apk then select Default Install. GameGuardian will be reinstalled with a random name.

3. Run GameGuardian with the random name earlier. If not, a popup icon appears on your screen. Just go to your smartphone settings then allow Windows GameGuardian Pop-up permissions.

4. Install the Virtual Host Application. Then click add RE-Select HOST, just select the hostCODM that you downloaded earlier. Then click start. ‘

game guardian codm cheats

5. Continue, Run your Call of Duty Mobile game application. If it’s already open, just click the GameGuardian Pop-up icon then select Game COD Mobile.

6. Finally, activate the cheat in the game by clicking GG then selecting the play icon. Just enter the CODM cheat script that has been downloaded.

7. Select the feature you want to use and please use the cheat as you like.

Note : All of the above processes do not need a virtual space application. Everything is pure outside of Virtual Space because your smartphone is already rooted.

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Latest COD Mobile Cheat Features

The cheat above has features that are quite helpful for you in playing the Latest COD Mobile. This feature will be dangerous for the opponent, you just smooth it out with a little of your skill.

  1. Wallhack (Various color options that will appear)
  2. No Recoil
  3. SpeedHack
  4. Wallhoot & Wall Jump
  5. Sit & Stand Scope
  6. Black Sky
  7. Unlimited Ammo (M4 only)
  8. Make opponent Lag

All the features above are very helpful, you can win EzPz matches. No need to worry your friend is Noob and becomes a burden, you can carry it to get more points.

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Especially wallhack and no recoil, these 2 Cod Mobile cheats can make your game overpowered. Because besides you can see the movement of your enemy, No Recoil can increase your accuracy in shooting.

Make Lag, oohhh it’s very difficult for the opponent too, this cheat guys. Who doesn’t get emotional while playing games is faced with LAG problem. there is an enemy you get frustrated and exit the game.

The final word

The Cheat Cod Mobile tutorial above is only an education and lesson for those who don’t know. All the risks that will be experienced in the future are not our responsibility. If you want to try, please go ahead but you have to be ready with the risks, bro!.

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