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How to use Helcurt Mobile Legends to the maximum

How to use Helcurt Mobile Legends – For those of you who have been playing Mobile Legends games for a long time, you may already understand that there are heroes Helcurt which is an Assassin hero who is also a hunter of Mage heroes.

Hero Helcurt is one of the heroes you can rely on to win the game.

Indeed, for novice players, it is very difficult to use Helcurt’s hero in Mobile Legends.

Using Helcurt Mobile Legends

This hero is really very helpful if you can maximize its work. for that we will discuss how to build and use hero helcurt as below.

How to Use Hero Helcurt Mobile Legends

Here are some ways you can use Hero Helcurt in the game

Mobile Legends to be maximized when used.

1. Build the best items

It is very important to pay attention to build items that can be used according to the wishes and needs in war in the Mobile Legends game. For this Helcurt Hero you can use haas’s claw, Blade of despair, and also malefic roar which will help your task as an assassin to overcome enemies more easily.

2. Immediately farming

You should know that this Helcurt Hero has quite low durability if you use it you have to farm for a while at the beginning of the game. This will aim to prevent the Helcurt hero you are using from losing and becoming a burden during war.

3. Be diligent around and beat the enemy

Even though this one has quite high damage in the mid game, you also have to always remember that its durability is thin when compared to other heroes. For that you are required to go around the map or move as far as possible from top mid or other Batam to continue farming and helping friends. Don’t forget to keep beating the enemies in front of you.

4. Don’t rush to use skill 2

This hero also has a deadly poisoned stinger skill as skill 2 and don’t use it too hastily. If you are too hasty to use it will not have a big impact on the enemy and of course will make it difficult for you to win.

Those are some ways that you can use to rely on Hero Helcurt in the Mobile Legends game to maximize its use.

Before using this one hero, it’s a good idea to study the advantages and disadvantages so that you can better understand how to use it.

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