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How to Set Formation and Tactics for PES 2022 Mobile Auto Win

PES Mobile Formation and Tactics Settings are the most crucial or the most important. With a good formation and tactics, of course, the potential to win the game is bigger. But making the best PES Mobile formation is not something that can be underestimated. It takes analysis and flight hours so that the formation that we make can bring victory in PES Mobile matches.

In addition, if we have enough flying hours and can analyze there are always other players who are better at analyzing and having higher flight hours. This makes you feel overwhelmed when you face teams like that. In the end, you also need references in order to improve formation and technique performance for PES Mobile. Therefore, you can use the following article from for references to setting up PES Mobile formations and tactics.

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PES Mobile Formation and Tactics Settings

PES Mobile Formation Tips and Tactics that will be shared by is a model that uses a lot of improvisation and analysis. So that it can improve your gaming intuition when facing various models and forms of opposing formations.

1. Coach Selection

PES Mobile Coach

A good trainer for you to choose is L . Roman, because he is the trainer who has the most flexible gameplay method. L. Roman can make teams play based on certain conditions. So it is not monotonous to do defense or monotonous to attack.

2. Player Selection

PES Mobile Formation

PES Mobile’s formation and tactics are more important to the players. In contrast to the player’s coach who will immediately jump into the battlefield. Therefore, you must be able to determine who should be on your team.


For strikers at least you have to look for players with boody stats and equal kick power. This is done so that your striker is resilient even though his stature is not too big. So that the speed can be more dominant and also has a strong kick with high accuracy.

Suggested players: A. Cole, L. Suarez, Harry Kane

Subs: Kylian Mbappe, Romelu Lukaku


For setting the formation and tactics of PES Mobile for the wings, you can choose players with a minimum rating of B. Why is that because with a minimum player rating of B, you don’t need to add reserves for the wings. Because players rated B and above have good gaming performance.

Recommended players: Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff, Cristiano Ronaldo


Look for the type of player who has good offensive and defensive abilities. That way you can get two benefits at once. You can attack sharply, on the other hand you can defend strongly.

Suggested players: Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong

Middle Back

Setting the formation and tactics of PES Mobile in the middle back is an important part. Why is that ? This is because the main defense of your team is in the middle. So you should bring 2 middle backs.

It should also be noted, you don’t forget that your middle back is not prime, because it can damage your total defense. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring 2 middle back backups to anticipate unwanted things.

Back Wing

For a left-wing back, look for players who do have an initial position as a pure back. For a left wing back you can use a center back position but you can also rotate to the back of the left wing.

Suggested players: Paolo Maldini, Ben Chilwell


One goalkeeper rating C and above will be enough to finish the match. Because rating C already has good abilities and high stamina. Moreover, the average goalkeeper gameplay is controlled by AI, so a goalkeeper with a C rating is good enough. Even better if the rating is above C, the AI ​​in control is also better.

3. Analysis of PES Mobile Formation Settings and Tactics

It is the analysis of the course of the game that will determine your victory the most, here is the analysis that is most likely to occur:

Striker Analysis

  1. If in the first half you see the opposing player using back with ability catch the ball fastmeaning you need an attacker (striker) who can overcome the speed of the opponent’s playing back. Mbappe could be a solution to this problem.
  2. If the back has the ability to cover your team’s movements with opponent’s body back which big you can enter Lukaku in the second half to overcome it.

This method can be called countering or counteracting the opponent’s playing pattern. This method can also be an unexpected surprise for the opponent.

Vagrant Analysis

Use the 3 Box To Box Midfielder method, meaning that your midfielders have both strong offense and defense abilities. If you can apply this method your team strength will not be lame. It could be 2 attacking midfielders 1 defensive midfielder, or vice versa. You can also change it to full attack or full defense. Adjust to what has been described in the striker analysis.

Reserve Analysis

Even though it’s just a backup, his presence is also very important because it can replace your main player who is not prime.

Recommended backup:

Striker : 2 players with different specialists as explained in the striker analysis

Wing : No need for backup

Midfielder : 3 players so you can adjust the combination as needed as in the midfield analysis

Back : 2 Players who match their abilities and ratings with the main players.

Goalkeeper : No need for backup because carrying a goalkeeper reserve will reduce the reserve slots of other players, even though the goalkeeper is played by AI. While the players on the front lines are more of us as players who control.

Thus the PES Mobile Formation and Tactics Setting, all written information is only for reference. Your abilities will increase automatically after your flying hours playing PES Mobile increases, and the references you read increase. Hopefully after understanding this reference you can create your own invincible PES Mobile Formation.

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