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How to Play Pop Stone 2 Game, Really Fun!

How to Play the Pop Stone 2 Game – When you are bored and bored, then playing games is a good choice to get your mood back and spend your free time.

However, sometimes playing certain games where you experience continuous defeat can actually make you more stressed and annoyed.

When you experience this, you can try to play lighter games, such as puzzle-type games.

One of the interesting puzzle games to play is Pop Stone 2. How to play the Pop Stone 2 game is quite easy and simple, so no special skills are needed to be able to play it.

How to Play Pop Stone 2 Game
Pop Stone Games 2

Even so, this game is enough to sharpen the brain because in this game you will be encouraged to use the best strategy in solving this type of puzzle game.

How to Play Pop Stone 2

Although this game is relatively easy to play, it turns out to be very fun to play. Because this game also requires strategic capital, not just fast playing capital.

Here is how to play the game Pop Stone 2:

  1. You can play this game on your computer or mobile. You can visit to play this game on computer online.
  2. To be able to play this game on your cellphone, you can download it in the play store. you can go google play store.
  3. Click new game to start a new game.
  4. After that there will be a group of colorful stones arranged randomly. Your task is to find stones of the same color to destroy. You can destroy at least 2 stones of the same color by clicking or tapping the stone.
  5. When you destroy stones, your score will increase. To be able to win a level, then you must exceed the target score specified in each level.
  6. Not only do you have to exceed the target score, you also don’t leave any remaining stones as much as possible. Because if there are too many remaining stones, then you will still lose even though you have reached the target score.
  7. For that, you have to rack your brain on how all the existing stones can be destroyed.

So that’s an article about How to Play Pop Stone 2 Game, hopefully it’s useful!

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