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How to Play Magic Chess to Win Fast

How to Play Magic Chess to Win – Mobile Legends Magic Chess has recently been in great demand by lovers of the Mobile Legends game. This game really attracts attention because you can use the best heroes to win the game.

But unfortunately some players are quite difficult to get a win in the game Mobile Legends Magic chess. This is because the players are quite difficult to get the right hero.

It’s no wonder that many players end up taking the risk to use the Magic Chess cheat. The decision was clearly quite high risk and made several players have to lose their accounts because Moonton found out.

How to Play Magic Chess
How to Play Magic Chess

Actually there is a way that can be used so that you can win the game in Magic Chess without having to use cheats. Here is a review that we will share for you Magic Chess players.

Tricks to Win in Magic Chess Mobile Legends

1. Buy a hero according to the synergy combo

In the Magic Chess game, there will be a synergy combo for every hero you play. There is indeed a difference in the availability of heroes but it is not widely owned. If you manage to form a synergy combo, then try buying a hero that matches the synergy so that it can be used to activate additional skills so that it strengthens your formation.

2. Place the hero with the right role

Next you have to put the hero that has been obtained with the synergy combo in the right role. At close range heroes can use a wrestler, fighter, or tank and be placed on the front line. While the medium range can be like an assassin whose place is of course also in the middle. Meanwhile, long-range heroes such as mages and marksman are placed behind. That way the enemy’s attack can work optimally.

3. Hold Gold at 10 and 20

You can hold Gold at 10 and 30, this is because interest points can be obtained if you hold gold in multiples of 10. Gold at 10 will get an additional 2 gold, while gold at 20 will get an additional 4 gold.

With this winning trick, you can enjoy the game without any difficulty at all. The game can run optimally and the victory is also easier to get.

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