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How to Overcome Lag and Can't Play PES 2022 Mobile Online will tell you how to overcome Lag and cannot play PES Mobile online. Lag is a very annoying thing when playing any game. For this problem, the lag in the PES Mobile game will make you disturbed when doing all activities in the game. Especially when online matches don’t make it funny to lose just because of lag. It’s even worse if you can’t play PES Mobile because of lag problems. You don’t need to be confused anymore because with this article you can solve all those problems.

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Lag and Can’t Play PES Mobile Online

There are various causes of lag when playing games. With the presence of sharing problems, there will also be various solutions to find solutions to your problems. As will be discussed in this article. You can get out of the biggest problem from playing games, namely LAG. Read carefully and adjust what the lag problem is and how to solve it.

1. Fix Network

In addition to internal problems from your own cellphone, lag problems can come from external problems. The ultimate external problem is your internet network problem. It could be that your internet service provider card is not suitable for your area. The solution is that you just change and try another suitable provider.

If you are still experiencing internet problems after trying many providers, you can use a network booster application such as the Super PING application. You can download this application for free on the Play Store. In addition, you can also use a VPN to strengthen your internet network.

2. Use PES Mobile Config

pes mobile config

config can be the solution overcome lag and can’t play PES Mobile online. Config is short for configuration, config is a setting made in such a way that the program or application that we use can be run according to the needs we need. In other words, using config can help our cellphones run the PES Mobile application more smoothly.

If you want to use config, you can read the article: How to Install PES Mobile Config

3. Reduce Multitasking

Multitasking Features

Today’s cell phones provide features that allow us to run various applications at the same time. This feature is called multitasking, unfortunately behind the advantages we can also have a fairly detrimental impact. Because by running sharing applications at one time can make our phones experience lag. Especially when we play games, the solution is only one, namely removing applications that are running in the background.

4. Lower Graphics Quality

PES Mobile Graphics Settings

It could be that your HP specifications are too low to run PES Mobile games with high graphics. For this problem, you only need to change the quality of your PES Mobile game, which has available features in the game settings. This method is effective for overcoming lag and cannot play PES Mobile online because your HP specifications are not good.

5. Free Up Storage

Full Storage

Clean up storage can be the solution overcome lag and can’t play PES Mobile online. Because indeed the most common cause of lag is your device full of storage. Maybe you save too many videos or photos that are not important which makes your storage seem clogged with garbage.

So you can make your storage more spacious by deleting unnecessary files. Be wise in managing the files you save, especially if your storage is limited. You can use an SD card to expand your storage.

6. Change HP

How to Overcome Lag and Can't Play PES 2021 Mobile Online

If you have tried various methods from all references from the website or YouTube but still you can’t overcome the lag and can’t play PES Mobile online, it could be your cellphone that has a problem. Maybe your cellphone is not compatible to play this game. The most effective way is to replace your cellphone with a better specification cellphone.

7. Don’t Use Cheats

How to Overcome Lag and Can't Play PES 2021 Mobile Online

Using cheats can also cause problems in your PES Mobile game. The lag could be because your cellphone is infected with a virus when you use the chaet. The virus will start to spread to your cellphone and start making your cellphone slow when playing PES Mobile. Then over time it makes your HP really can’t be used to do anything. It could be that after you use the cheat you can enter the PES Mobile application, but can’t play online because your account has been banned by the server.

After you identify what are the possible problems that cause lag or can’t play online. You can start trying to solve the problem in the ways described above. Besides that, try checking the Play Store, maybe there is an update that you left behind. Not updating to the latest version can also make you encounter problems such as lag and not being able to play online.

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