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How to Make AOV 60fps (High Frame Rate Mode) Without Root

AOV is a game that is currently loved by various groups from parents, young people and even children. Now games have become a necessity for most of the world’s people.

AOV was published by tencent game in July 2022. Until now, AOV games are getting more and more fans in various parts of the world. This game has various names. Because there are so many names for this game, a name that we often call AOV is born

Because the current moba game market is very large and definitely tight. So now there is a moba game that is a rival to AOV. Therefore, the developer until now is also improving and multiplying the features in the game in order to add an interesting impression for everyone who plays this game.

Because the more people who play this game, the more money will be earned with the aim that users don’t get bored playing this game.

In every use and use of games, gamers certainly want the comfort and beauty of the frame or display that is very noticed and certainly coveted by every gamer. how do AOV developers present this?

Therefore the objects contained in the game are for example stones, heroes (used by gamers) grass, turrets or towers, minions, forest monsters or jungles. Another one is the attacking movements of the hero used by gamers and the skills issued by the hero. Usually, the users (gamers) are very concerned about playing the game.

One of the things that are very noticed or something that is considered interesting by gamers is when they get a visual sensation that spoils the eyes when they play or play the game.

The display in the game we usually call FPS (Frame per Second) or the number of frame blinks every second and also HFR (High Frame Rate). In the AOV moba game there are new features or increased FPS (Frames Per Second).

This FPS increase has now reached 60 FPS, which was previously limited to only 30 FPS (Frames per second). From the progress of these features, there are also shortcomings that are very noteworthy in selecting the 60 FPS (Frame per second) High Frame rate mode which can become a problem when you use this feature.

Impact of Using 60 FPS mode

For example, what will happen if you use the 60 FPS (frames per second) High Frame Rate mode is that the device on your gadget will heat up easily so your cellphone will be damaged quickly.

This is because a device that is too hot can cause your cellphone to suddenly die because the components inside the cellphone will be weak when the cellphone is hot continuously. The second is that your gadget’s battery will be wasteful or run out quickly due to prolonged and continuous use, then over time the battery on your gadget will swell so that the battery on your gadget is not optimal and normal again.

So therefore…

In using this 60 FPS (Frame Per Second) High Frame Rate mode, you must always remember how long you have used this mode. Although there are many disadvantages of this mode, there are also advantages that you will get from using this mode, for example, the quality of the game is more impressive so that you will get an exciting playing sensation due to increased movement, skill use, and map shifting.

How to Make AOV 60fps (Hgh Frame Rate Mode) Without Root

Rooting is done to increase access or expand control of a better (more improved) android, usually the root process is carried out by the manufacturer of the software device that accesses the system so that you can not arbitrarily do the root.

To activate 60fps on AOV, it turns out that you don’t need root. For how to, see the following explanation

After knowing about AOV Mode FPS High frame Rate and Root, the main topic of discussion is how to play AOV 60 FPS (High Frame Rate) without Root.

Here’s how to do it

1. First

Enter the Arena Of Valor Game After entering the main screen display then find the settings button whose image resembles a chain wheel (located at the top right next to the signal and battery)

2. Second

Click on the top right, just touch that section because it doesn’t look like a button and is plain black

3. Third

Then exit settings and log back in. Look for a mode called High frame Rate, if not, do the steps again until it says the mode, if there is, activate the mode and feel the difference playing with the 60 fps High frame Rate mode.

Those are some ways to play AOV 60fps (High Frame Rate) without root that you should know if you want to get a lot of points. Indeed, games are a natural thing to play today, especially in Indonesia.


Android-based games in Indonesia are very popular, even wherever you are, you can be sure that you will definitely see children playing games to adults. Indeed, games have positive and negative impacts on humans.

However, it all depends on each individual. And remember that all things in excess will definitely not be good for the human body. With this, the main role of parents for their children is indeed very important.

The number of games that require using the internet or online games is also very important to pay attention to because usually there will be advertisements that should not be seen by children.

With this, it is clear that the world of the past or the world of games should indeed be limited to children. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention from many parties in supervising children while playing or when they are cool with the game world.

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