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How to Link PES 2022 Mobile Account to KONAMI ID

In this day and age, a game developer must provide an account link feature for every game they make. This feature is very useful and really helps you to secure your account from sharing hacking or phishing cases. In addition, with the link account feature, you can save your game progress or progress. So you don’t have to repeat the game when changing to a new device. This time will tell you how to link Pes Mobile account to KONAMI ID.

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How to Link PES Mobile Account to KONAMI ID

Those of you who don’t know how to Link PES Mobile Account to KONAMI ID can follow the steps in this article. Like the link account feature in general, by specifying account data, you can transfer your PES Mobile account and play on other different devices, without fear of having to restart the game from the beginning. In other words you can still use the data from the old device.

1. Create Gmail

Like linking accounts in general, linking a PES Mobile account is the same, you must have an account G-Mail which has not been linked to a KONAMI ID account.

2. Go to Settings

For the location to link your account, you can enter the menu Extras > Support > Link Data after that you just choose the option Link Data Using KONAMI ID.

3. Account Link Process

After you select the option Link Data Using KONAMI IDyou will be taken to a redirect page with a browser on your cellphone.

  • After that you will be shown 2 options that you can choose, namely the red and blue options. Choose the Blue Color Option.
  • After selecting the blue option you will be taken to the menu Registration.
  • Fill in all that is written in the registration menu.

How to Link PES Mobile Account to KONAMI ID the filling in the registration menu is the most important part.

Registration Link PES Mobile Account To KONAMI ID

In this menu you will be asked to fill in your general data. The requested data is Country of Origin, Language, Date of birth, E-mail, and Password. After the requested data has been filled in, tick all the requested approvals.

For data Date of birth you can fill in the year at least the year 2000. Because people born in 2000 are the benchmark for the minimum age to play PES Mobile games. Besides that Password that you make must have at least 8 characters with a combination of letters and numbers.

  • After you fill in your data, select the option Send Code.

4. Fill in the Registration Code

Registration Code Link PES Mobile Account To KONAMI ID

The registration code will be entered and received through your account E-mailwhich you used to fill out the previous registration menu. So you can directly open the application E-mail and pay attention to the following details:

  • The code you receive consists of a 6-digit random number.
  • Code will expire in 60 minutes (1 Hour).
  • After you record or copy the registration code, immediately enter the code into the space provided on the previous browser page.
  • After the code is made sure it’s correct then Next.

5. Important

During the method of linking the PES Mobile account to KONAMI ID, make sure you don’t close the game application PES Mobile. If your PES Mobile application is closed during the process, it could be that the steps you have taken will fail, and you will have to repeat the steps from the beginning.

6. Confirm Linked

Confirmation successful Link PES Mobile Account To KONAMI ID

After all the steps are complete you will return to the PES Mobile application. Then a notification of the success of linking the account will appear. In addition to options Link Data Using KONAMI ID will get a green tick.

7. Advantages of Linking PES Mobile Account

In addition to getting account security and saving your game progress, you will also be able to Receive A Number of Rewards after linking accounts. The rewards you will receive are: 250 Coins which you can take through Inbox.

that’s how to link accounts on PES Mobile, hopefully it’s useful

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