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How to Get Lord in Magic Chess Mobile Legends

How to Get Lord in Magic Chess ml – Mobile Legend initially only provided rank, classic, and brawl game modes. But over time Moonton also added several modes that can be enjoyed by players Mobile Legends.

Some of the modes provided in Mobile Legend include survival mode, magic chess, mirror, mayhem, and also death battle. For death battle mode, mayhem, and also mirror is only present at special events.

While the magic chess and survival modes can be enjoyed at any time, as well as the classic mode.

Of the several game modes in the Mobile Legend game, the magic chess mode has succeeded in attracting the interest of many Mobile Legend players. This magic chess game will pit strategy and tactics in the combination of heroes you choose.

The battle of the heroes you drop will be done on a chessboard-shaped arena. This magic chess mode will definitely make you addicted if you already understand the strategy and how to play it.

how to get lord in magic chess
Magic Chess Mobile Legends

In magic chess mode there are different types of heroes and synergies that can be combined. Not only that, apparently you can also summon lords or sacred beasts into the magic chess battle arena

How to Get Lord in Magic Chess

. For those of you who don’t know how to summon a lord, then you can listen to how to get a lord in the magic chess below:

  1. To be able to get a lord, then you must lower the summoner hero in the magic chess match arena.
  2. Drop four summoner heroes into the battle arena. The four summoner heroes are Vexana, Sun, Diggie, and also Zhask.
  3. By lowering the summoner hero on the battlefield, the lord or sacred beast will automatically be summoned into the match. Because the summoner hero does have a passive to summon lords.
  4. Don’t forget to combine summoner heroes with other heroes or synergies so that your chances of winning are even greater. One of the combos that you can try is the combination of a summoner hero with a wrestler hero whose passive can give a stun effect

That’s the way you have to do in order to get a lord in magic chess. Make sure the hero you take down has a good combination, so that it can defeat the enemy easily.

Happy playing and hopefully the tutorial above can be useful to help you dominate the magic chess mode.

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