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How To Get Iconic Messi PES Mobile 2022

Karu Iconic Moment is the latest card type released by the eFootbal PES game. The cards are made in such a way that the characters have special abilities that can help your team win various matches. Therefore, many players want to get the iconic Messi PES Mobile. It’s no wonder that Messi is the iconic moment character in the PES game, because his performance in the real world of football is also extraordinary. In this article, we will show you how to get the iconic Messi Barcelona.

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Tricks to Get Iconic Messi PES Mobile

Tricks to Get Iconic Messi PES Mobile

Messi PES Mobile

To get the iconic Messi PES Mobile is not easy. Players must spend a certain number of game coins to do gacha. Even after doing a number of gachas, you don’t necessarily get the Iconic Moment type card that you expect. The main problem is, you have to rely on a high level of luck to get this card.

If there is a problem, there must be a solution. In this article, will give you a trick to help increase the success of the Iconic Moment card gacha. You need to note that this trick only helps a little to increase the success rate. If you fail in 2 rolls (200 coins), you better try this trick another day. Don’t be too pushy with your luck.


As usual, to do the Iconic Moment card gacha, you have to open the menu Contract> Agent> Special> Iconic Moment : L. Messi. After that, you can use the trick to get the iconic Messi PES Mobile.

  • Tap Messi’s avatar 3 times (Messi,Back > Messi, Back > Messi,Back)
  • Scroll down until it’s stuck (can’t slide anymore)
  • Back to the top
  • Tap on Y. Carraso’s avatar 3 times (same method as step 1)
  • Check Messi stats
  • Slide to 4 statistics > Back
  • Sign > Pay the gacha fee
  • Pray that the first try will immediately succeed in getting the iconic Messi PES Mobile

In general, you can get an Iconic Moment card after the 2nd try. But it’s possible you can get it on the first try. If on the first try you don’t get it right away, you can repeat the steps above once again. reminds you once again that in 2 rolls you don’t get the card you expect, please try another day, or if you have other tricks you can indulge. So far this trick is the most telling.

As proof of the success of this trick, you can watch the video below. In the video to get the Iconic Moment card, it only takes 2 tries. Hopefully with this article you can be helped and you can get the Iconic Moment card you want.

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