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How to Cheat Worms Zone IO Game Guardian

How to Cheat Worms Zone IO Game Guardian – The Worms Zone game that is currently popular is indeed attracting attention. Many people have used this one game. This game can be played using PC or Mobile so that it provides quite interesting for its users.

If you want games Worms Zone so it’s easier then you can try the Worms Zone cheat by using the Guardian application without having to root.

Beginner players usually often find it difficult to get to the first rank in the Worms Zone game.

How to Cheat Worms Zone IO Game Guardian
Game Worms Zone

But you can use the help of Game Guardian cheats so that the Worms Zone game becomes very easy to conquer. Here’s how to use cheats that help the game in Worms Zone.

Using Game Guardian for Cheat Worms Zone

  1. The first step you have to do is download the Guardian game application and also the virtual mod Apk
  2. After that install the application as usual
  3. Try to open and run the Apk virtual mod
  4. Add the Guardian game Apk and Worm Apk in the virtual mod apk.
  5. If you can select and run the Game Guardian application.
  6. You have to enter the settings and set the Guardian game settings by selecting settings menu, then select again select memory ranges, and put a check mark. After you can press save.
  7. Try to choose hide GameGuardian from the game by checking in the image then select save.
  8. Choose freeze interval and change it to 0, then press OK. If it is finished then you can press the close menu on the Game Guardian apk.
  9. Next you have to open the Worms game application with the virtual mod apk
  10. If you have arrived at the front screen then play as usual
  11. Press the Game Guardian icon and select The number of scores last try to see
  12. After that press the search icon and fill in your last score
  13. Next, a list of values ​​that have been found will appear. You can press the pencil icon
  14. Change the number 157 to the value 999999. Then press option yes
  15. Close the game guardian apk and take a look at the game Worms Zone. You will have the highest score and become the biggest worm.

That way you no longer need to look for food for a long time because you can already enjoy the Worms Zone game with cheats from Game Guardian.

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