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How to Cheat the Latest PES Mobile 2022 GP Game Guardian Work!

Some PES players are definitely looking for PES GP Mobile cheats for this soccer simulation game. Those who are looking for cheats do it because they want to get good quality players that can be obtained through draw and gacha. Even though doing draw and gacha requires a lot of GP and coins. The players who were impatient because of the long time to collect GP and coins decided to cheat. Even though using cheats can pose a risk in the form of decreased HP security. Especially if the cheat program requires us to root the cellphone.

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How to Cheat PES Mobile GP with Game Guardian

One of the most popular software to cheat is Game Guardian. This program requires privileged access and control as administrator of your phone. In other words, you have to root your cellphone to open this special control access.

Of course, most of us already know the effect of root. Our cellphones can lose the official warranty, and what’s even more dangerous is that our cellphones are more susceptible to various types of malware or viruses because with root we have lost the cellphone security system.


PES Mobile “Cheat” Steps

For those of you who already know and are ready with the various consequences, you can follow the steps for the PES Mobile GP cheat with Game Guardian. It is highly recommended that you root your 2nd cellphone, not your main cellphone. Besides that, do cheats instead of using your main PES Mobile account.

  • Open the Game Guardian App
  • Open PES Mobile game
  • Tap the Game Guardian floating icon
PES Mobile Game UI And Game Guardian Floating Icons

  • Choose PES Mobile 2022 game
  • Select icon magnifying glass like in the picture
UI Game Guardian
  • Enter the amount of your GP, Coint, and eFootbal Points, separate each description with a semicolon like in the picture
  • Then click the symbol ??? to open PES Mobile GP cheat options
How to Cheat PES Mobile (1)
  • After that, some cheat actions will appear. Choose D : Dword (-2,147,483,648 – 4,294,967,295)the code will be light blue and located in position number two.
  • After that you tap New search (bottom right corner)
  • Wait for loading for a while until it’s finished
  • After loading is complete select the same icon as in the picture
How to Cheat PES Mobile (2)
  • Then write down the amount of GP, Coint, and eFootball Points you want, then select Yes.
How to Cheat PES Mobile (3)
  • When finished select the option like in the image below
PES Cheat Final Stage
  • Option checklist Freezing so that the PES Mobile cheat with Game Guardian runs. Then select the option Yes
Cheat Completion Process
  • Close the Game Guardian UI by pressing the symbol X (Top right corner)
  • Refresh your PES Mobile Game by pressing the button BACK on your PES Mobile Game UI
  • After all the steps you do correctly the number of GP, Coint, and eFootball Points will be one million all.
  • You can watch the following video for a more detailed explanation:


It is certain that your GP, Coint, and eFootball Points will change in number after completing all stages. But you need to note the steps shared are Fun Trick it means the cheat doesn’t actually work. Your GP, Coint, and eFootball Points that change in number are just for display, and you can’t use them to recruit players via draw or gacha.

The cheat that is done is only Have Fun, its function is only for you to be able to show off to your friends if you are already a PES Mobile sultan. Remain an honest player. Because games that are played honestly and without cheats will add to its own satisfaction. In addition, by playing games without cheats, you can already help other people, namely game developers, by appreciating the work of others.

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