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Here's a list of vending machine locations on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Vending Machine Locations – In season 13, PUBG Mobile also adds vending machines to the game. You can find this vending machine in several locations on the Miramar map.

Currently only the Miramar map has vending machines, so you can’t find vending machines in other maps.

The vending machine provided in the Miramar map contains energy drinks and painkillers. The maximum stock item that this vending machine can accommodate is only eight items.

Because there are not too many items in stock, you have to hurry if you want to get items at the vending machine. Both painkillers and energy drinks both have a very useful healing effect while you are in the game arena.

PUBG Mobile Vending Machine Missions

In the 2nd week mission in Season 13 of PUBG Mobile there is a mission that requires you to use a vending machine. In this mission you have to buy a total of 8 items from the existing vending machine.

You can immediately complete the mission if you are lucky to find a vending machine with complete stock. That way you can pick up all the items in the vending machine to complete the mission.

However, if you are unlucky enough to only get a few items, then you should look for another vending machine. Other vending machines are scattered all over the place, so you’ll have to keep looking to find the vending machines and complete missions.

As stated above, you can only find vending machines at Miramar map. You will not find vending machines in other folders. In addition, the existence of this vending machine is scattered and also moves randomly.

PUBG Mobile Vending Machine Locations

Even though vending machines move randomly, you can still look for them in places where vending machines are often found. The following are common vending machine locations:

  1. City of El Azahar
  2. Boxing Rings at Pecado
  3. Big Offices at Pecado
  4. Casino in Pecado
  5. Los Leones Restaurants

Those are the locations where vending machines can be found. Hopefully this article was useful and can help you complete the weekly missions!

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