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Here's How to See Mobile Legend Replays

How to see Mobile Legend Replay – For those of you who like to play Mobile Legends, you must have known that every time you play there is always a replay stored in your Mobile Legend account.

The last few matches you have played are automatically recorded by Moonton. That way you can replay the matches that you have played in Mobile Legend.

Seeing replays of Mobile Legend matches is very useful, because that way you can learn the movements of enemies and teammates.

Not only that, you can also observe how you play in the match. So you can evaluate to improve skills in playing Mobile Legend games.

See Mobile Legends Replay
See Mobile Legends Replay

Not only that, the replay feature provided by Moonton is also useful for those of you who have Youtube Channel.

If you have just finished an interesting match but forgot to record it while playing, then you can record the replay to share on Youtube.

How to see Mobile Legend Replay

The replay feature in Mobile Legend is very easy to access. For those of you who don’t know where and how to see Mobile Legends match replays

you can follow the method below:

  1. First of all, of course, you have to open the Mobile Legend game on your cellphone.
  2. After that, click your Mobile Legend profile icon, then select the Battlefield menu.
  3. In the Battlefield menu there are several other sub menus. Select the replay menu if you want to watch a replay of your Mobile Legend match.
  4. After that will appear some matches that you just did in the Last Replay menu. Select the match or match which you want to see the replay of, then click the ok button.
  5. Existing replay results will be automatically deleted over time. If you want to save the replay results, you can press the Save button on the match you want to save.
  6. By pressing the save button, the replay will be saved in the My Replay menu and will only be deleted if an update occurs.

So many articles about how to replay in Mobile Legends that we can convey. Don’t be bored to see replays of your Mobile Legend matches, so you can continue to develop your way of playing.

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