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Here's How to Play Seabeard's Game Easily

How to Play the Game Seabeard – Seabeard is an adventure game that has unique cartoon graphics. In this game you will act as a descendant of Seabeard who is a legend in Accordia.

Seabeard is a ship captain who managed to build and prosper the Accordia.

Unfortunately a catastrophe came, the Accordia was ravaged by an ancient monster that had risen from the dead.

How to Play the Seabeard Game
Seaberd Games

As a descendant of Seabeard, you will inherit and rebuild the destroyed Accordia

Live in Accordia and Explore

The world presented in the game Seabeard is very wide. You can explore the places in this Seabeard game.

You can explore the ocean and travel from one island to another. Not only that, you are also freed to be whatever you want in this Seabeard game.

Early in the game your ability to build and explore Accordia will be limited, but as you level up you will be more and more freed up to do whatever you like.

How to Play Seabeard

This game is a simulation game, so you have the freedom to decide what you will do.

Some people even think that this game has a gameplay similar to Animal Crossing. You can listen to how to play the Seabeard game below:

  1. To be able to play Seabeard you must of course download this game first. This adventure game can be obtained for free at Google Play Store and also the app store.
  2. To be able to play the Seabeard game you must always be connected to an internet connection, because this game cannot be run offline.
  3. You can enter the game, then choose the main character you want.
  4. At the beginning of the game there will be a character who guides you, so it will be easier to understand this game.
  5. Controls in this game can be done by simply touching the location you want to reach. If you touch an accessible location then the character will automatically walk towards it.
  6. This game has an inventory system where you can pick up items that are useful for the survival of the game. To pick up the object you want you simply touch the object, so your character will automatically walk towards the object and pick it up.
  7. During the game, there will be many non-player characters who will give you quests or commands. This quest can take various forms and you will get prizes and xp if you can complete the quest.

So that’s some explanations about how to play the Seabeard game, thank you!

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