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Here's How to Play Gartic io Game, Really Easy

How to Play Gartic IO Games – Gartic io is a guessing game that can be played multiplayer in realtime. the point is that between 1 player and another player can draw from the word that is the question.

This game is very cool because it requires players to practice drawing and think in order to be able to answer the word in question.

In addition to PC, Gartic IO is also available on the Android platform which can be installed directly via Android Google Play Store and also iOS. that way players can immediately use their mobile phones to be able to play, without using a PC again.

The advantage of gartic io is that they provide a realtime feature where each participant who gets a turn can know what they drew directly. In addition, this game also does not require those who play to register first, but with a pre-determined name.

For those of you who are confused about how to play the garlic io game, you can follow a guide like the one below.

how to play gartic io
How to Play Garlic IO Games

How to Play Gartic io Game

  1. Go to the Gartic io website at
  2. Then you can play directly by filling in your nickname and language or register first using Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  3. Choose Indonesian if you want the origin of the opponent to be Indonesian.
  4. Next there are two options, namely Rooms and Play. Rooms is that you can choose groups or rooms based on theme or language. While Play is being able to directly start the game
  5. Then there will be a brief ad that appears, wait a moment.
  6. If it is automatically you are directed to the quiz page.
  7. Your task now is to guess as many pictures as possible and also draw to make questions.
  8. The more guesses, the greater the chance to rank 1st.

That’s the article about how to play the game gartic io. if you are using an android app, chances are the method is the same. Besides that, Gartic IO also has a feature to create a special room.

later the room can be used to play specifically with your friends. The way for friends to join the group is that you can copy the link in the share menu.

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