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Here's How To Overcome Red Ping On PUBG Mobile, Work!

How to Overcome Red Pings in PUBG – PUBG is one of the popular battle royale games that can only be played online. Because it can only be played online, the internet connection determines whether or not the game runs smoothly.

No matter how good and smart you are in aiming and targeting the enemy, then you will not be able to get chicken dinner if the connection is unstable and your ping is red. This red ping often makes PUBG players angry.

Because the red ping means you can’t follow the game smoothly. Your movements will become shaky or even immobile, making you an easy target for enemies.

How to Overcome Red Ping on PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

If that’s the case, then you should be able to handle and anticipate this red ping. You can listen to this article carefully to get the best solution so you don’t get red pings in the game PUBG


How to Overcome PUBG Red Ping

To be able to anticipate red pings when playing PUBG, there are several ways that you should try. The following is how to overcome the red ping in the PUBG game:

1. Use Game Booster

There are several cell phone brands that have a built-in game booster feature that can streamline gameplay when you play games. The use of this game booster can optimize memory as well as internet connection when playing.

For cellphone brands that do not have a built-in game booster feature, you can install a game booster application from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Look for Signals

A red ping could be due to poor signal quality. Therefore, make sure you believe in a place with a good signal so that the game can run smoothly without any red pings.

3. Use DNS Changer

You can use BGNmobi’s DNS Changer to speed up internet connection. How to use it is also quite easy, you just need to enter the DNS provider in the Choose a DNS Provider menu.

There are many providers that provide fast DNS services, one of which is Cloudflare DNS.

After entering the DNS provider you can press the Start button to turn on DNS. After that measure the internet speed first by pressing the speed test button. If the ping results are still too large, you can try to change the DNS provider.

So, those are some ways you can do to overcome the red ping when playing PUBG. Hopefully by doing the above methods you can avoid red pings and can play PUBG games more smoothly.

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