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Here's How to Get a Red Mask in FF

Easy Ways to Get Red Masks in FF – Free Fire is again holding an interesting event that started on May 4 and will end on May 14, 2022. The event is a Guild Race event, where guilds in Indonesia will compete against each other. -to each other to become the best guild in Indonesia.

If you become the top 1 best guild in Indonesia, you will get attractive prizes such as FAMAS Metallic, M1014 Winterlands, M4A1 Wild Carnival, UMP Pumpkin Flame, and many more. This gift will be obtained by all guild members for free.

If you become top 2 to top 10,000 in the Guild Race event Free Fire Then you will also get a prize in the form of 1 permanent gun skin that you can choose from the list of gun skins provided.

How to Get Free Fire Red Mask
Easy Ways to Get Red Masks on Free Fire

In this event there are also milestone points that you can collect and exchange for various attractive prizes, such as redlip bandanas or red masks.

Even though being the best guild in Indonesia is not easy, you still shouldn’t miss this Guild Race event.

How to get a red mask in FF

With this event you can also get red masks and other attractive prizes. Here’s how to get a red mask in the Guild Race event:

  1. From the main page of the Free Fire game, go to the event menu, then select the news menu at the top.
  2. After that select the Guild Race menu, then scroll down until you see the visit button. Click the visit button to enter the Guild Race event page.
  3. On the Guild Race event page there is a home menu, how to play, and also a list of prizes. You can go to the how-to menu and the prize list to see how to play and the rewards in the Guild Race.
  4. In the Guild Race event you can get milestone points by playing in the ranked mode on the normal map mode (CS mode rank does not count). You will get 50 points if you get booyah 1 time and will get 10 points for every kill you get.
  5. Don’t forget to play on the peak date of the Guild Race event, which is May 10, 2022. Because on that date the points you get will be multiplied by two, so you can collect more points to get a red mask.
  6. To get a redlip bandana (red mask) you must have 640 milestone points to redeem.
  7. If your points are sufficient, you can redeem them in the home menu, then press the milestone button on your points.
  8. Find the gift you want, which is a red mask. Press the claim button to get the prize.

That’s the way to get a red mask in the Guild Race event. You can get milestones in this event by playing in solo, duo, or squad modes.

However, it is recommended that you play squad with fellow guild members so that your guild can become the best guild in Indonesia.

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