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Here's How to Get Lesley's Legend Skin 2022

How to get Lesley’s Legend Skin – Lesley is one of the heroes Mobile Legends which is much-loved because it has considerable damage and interesting skills. Due to the large number of fans of this hero, Moonton also released the skin legend Lesley which has a stunning appearance and effect.

Unfortunately, this Lesley hero legend skin can only be obtained at certain events.

The good news is Moonton is currently still opening the Legend Encore event which offers the main prize in the form of the legendary skin Lesley Angelic Agent.

Get Lesley's Legend Skin
How to get Lesley’s Legend Skin

In this legend encore event you can get Lesley’s legend skin at a fairly cheap price, even for free. It depends on how you finish the event in this legend encore.

How to get Lesley’s Legend Skin

Here’s how to get Lesley’s legend skin:

  1. First claim the legend encore token that has been preordered.
  2. Get additional tokens by completing missions in the Event menu > Daily > Legend Encore Benefits.
  3. This legend encore token can be used to draw in the legend encore event.
  4. Enter the Shop menu, then select Legend Encore to draw.
  5. You can press the Draw 1 Time or Super Draw button to start drawing.
  6. If you choose Super Draw then you will be sure to get one of the super prizes. This super gift consists of border avatars and skins, one of which is Lesley’s legend skin.
  7. If you choose Draw 1 Time then the draw will take place as usual, without any guarantee you will get a super prize. This 1 Time Draw requires less tokens than Super Draw.
  8. The first two draws on the Draw 1 Time menu will be discounted every day. The first draw can even be done for free. So you can spend less legend encore tokens to draw.
  9. Draw regularly, until you get the skin legend Lesley Angelic Agent.

To get Lesley’s legend skin does require a bit of a struggle, especially if you want to get it for free by collecting legend encore tokens.

For those of you who don’t want to bother collecting legend encore tokens, then you can do Super Draw using diamonds. S

Good luck and hopefully you can get Lesley’s legend skin in the legends mobile game that you’ve been dreaming of.

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