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Here's How to Get Freya War Angel Skin

how to get skin freya war angel – Of the many online games that are growing lately Mobile Legends still standing as the most popular Moba game in Indonesia and other countries.

Not much different from other online games where Mobile Legends also provides various types of events to its users.

The number of events with attractive prizes for player buses in the Mobile Legends game is getting more and more excited and not easily bored.

get skin freya war
Freya War Angel skin

Recently, Mobile Legends presented a diamond vault event with an attractive prize, namely the epic skin of Hero Freya War Angel. So you can get the prize for only 50 diamonds if you have participated in this one event.

The presence of this latest event of course makes the players even more excited to play the Mobile Legends game. Want to know how to get the epic skin of Hero Freya War Angel?

How to Get Hero Freya War Angel

  1. The first step you have to do is enter the Legends mobile game application as usual.
  2. Then enter again on the diamond vault menu, then several types of prizes will appear that you can get.
  3. You can try to read the rules in the diamond vault event first to make it easier to understand. One of these regulations states that the legends prize chance is around 2.5%, the prize chance is 2.4%, and the prize chance is around 93%.
  4. Then go back to the diamond vault menu and try to click on the words “diamond 50 dig 1 time”. Then you will get a random prize.
  5. If successful then you can get Hero Freya but if you are not lucky then you don’t need to worry because you can still get other prizes with much bigger opportunities.

It’s quite difficult to get the epic skin of Hero Freya War Angel. But it doesn’t hurt if you try to take part in the event.

Who knows, they may be matched with the desired gift. In addition to having a 50 dig diamond option 1 time, you can also try to use a 225 dig diamond 5 times which is much more efficient.

So, those are some ways to get the epic Freya war angel skin in the mobile legends game, I hope it’s useful!

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