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Here's How to Get Carlo PUBG Mobile

How to Get Carlo PUBG Mobile – PUBG is still a popular game and often spoils its fans. This game updates frequently and recently there was the latest update, namely 0.17.0 which provides some of the latest things.

One of the updates in the game that was carried out was the presence of the character Carlo, which made the players more curious.

It’s quite interesting to have a haircut like a soldier. Even a lot of players who want to have this character. But to be able to get new characters you have to make a purchase or you can also collect vouchers to exchange.

Actually, many players are curious about how to get Carlo inside PUBG Mobile


How to Get Carlo PUBG Mobile
Carlo PUBG Mobile

How to get Carlo’s character in PUBG

You can actually get the Carlo character in the PUBG Mobile game by completing missions every day. So the players will be given a new mission and when playing must complete all the missions.

If the mission can be completed then you will get a voucher. If you want to get the first clue, the player must first share it with friends via social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

After that the players will get daily missions and you have to complete them. But before that, when you get the daily mission, try clicking “collect” to find out the instructions. This will make it easier for you to complete missions and get Carlo’s character vouchers.

Some players think that the mission given by PUBG Mobile is quite easy to do but there are also many players who find it difficult because players have to travel 1000 m in classic mode. Each mission the player passes must get 60 Carlo vouchers.

Unfortunately to be able to get the voucher is only available until March 6th. So the players can’t get it anymore.

The only way to get Carlo’s character is to top up. That way you can use Carlo’s character easily in the PUBG Mobile game.

That’s the information that can be given about the character Carlo in the latest PUBG Mobile game. May be useful.

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