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Functions of 10 Attachments / Weapons & Medical Equipment in Free Fire

Functions of 10 Attachments / Weapons & Medical Equipment in Free Fire– if you play the Free Fire game or other games, then skill is absolutely needed by the players.

Not only that…

Players are also required to know every attachment function or complementary items in it such as helmets, armor, medkits, and other weapon complementary items. So that you are not confused and better know which one you should use.

Actually, what is the function of attachments in free fire?

There are several attachments or weapons at each predetermined location. If you manage to collect these weapons, and use the right attachment, it will have a positive impact, like this

  • attack accuracy got better
  • add ammo
  • higher performance,
  • and always in a stable state.

The weapons include Muzzle, Scope, Foregrip, and Magazine. Each of these attachments has its own function. With these tools you can make your weapon system much better and stronger.


when looting, don’t forget the enemies around you. Don’t let the enemy kill you while you are looting. remember!!always be alert and don’t keep looting

Therefore, fast looting is very important in order to save time and increase your chances with your team to be weak when competing in the Free Fire game.

Attachment function or Weapon Equipment in Free Fire

For those of you who want to know the function of the weapons in the Free Fire game, you can read the complete information that has been summarized by the following technical aspects:

1. Scope

free fire attachments

Do you know what the scope function is??

Yep, that’s right, this attachment is very useful to make it easier to target your opponent. In addition, by using it, your visibility is getting clearer so it’s easier when shooting, aka your aim will be good (Auto AIM)

Is that all??

Of course not, by using the attachment scope, the accuracy of what you do is much more accurate and perfect.

2. Magazine

free fire magazine

Magazine is one of the weapons that are also available in Free Fire.

What is its function?

This attachment functions as ammunition from weapons. The higher the level of the magazine mounted on a weapon, the more ammunition it can hold.

What’s the benefit of having an attachment like that??

Of course, the more ammunition, the more profitable it is for players when fighting in the battlefield. You have quite a lot of bullets needed as the fight progresses.

3. Muzzles

muzzle free fire

What is the function of Muzzle?? If you ask about the muzzle function then quite a lot of answers. It all depends on what weapon you will use. That’s not enough…. This attachment is able to reduce an explosive power generated from the weapon when it is fired. If you use a VSS, SKS, or AWM type weapon, it is highly recommended to install a level 3 muzzle because it is considered very profitable.

4. Foregrip

foregrip free fire

The Foregrjp attachment can make the weapon you use a lot lighter when fired at the enemy. Of course a weapon that is too heavy makes it difficult for us to control it.

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It doesn’t end there, this attachment also functions to stabilize and increase the accuracy of the bullets fired.

Is that the only advantage? Oh no…

Foregrip is also very suitable to be installed on weapons that have a low firing range. This is because, close-range shots are more likely to hit the enemy than using weapons with a long shooting range.

5. Silencer

use silencer

Silencer, what kind of attachment is that??

Silincer or also known as Suppressor is an attachment that is mounted on the bullet hole or muzzle of a firearm.

Not only that lol…

This attachment can also reduce the effect of gunshots when targeted at an opponent. That way the enemy will not know that we are attacking them. Amazing isn’t it??

In addition, installing a silencer on the weapon you have makes it difficult for your opponent to find your position and that of your team. This is because you are not visible on the map so it is very difficult to detect.

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6. Helmet

tools in ff

Have you ever used a helmet??

Speaking of helmets, its function is to protect the head. That’s how it is with this one attachment..

Helmet has a function like a helmet, which is to protect the head so it is not easily hit by gunfire. Of course, if the gun bullet manages to penetrate the head, it is likely that the character you control will die. Therefore, a helmet is needed so that the head is protected.

Not only that…

Helmet is also able to reduce the damage of a shot that leads to the head. Helmet level 1 is able to reduce damage by 30%, while for level 2 40%, and helmet level 3 55%.

7. Bag or Bag

free fire attachment function

Do you know what from this attachment??

As the name implies, the bag in this free fire game is useful for storing equipment that will be used for looting. The higher the level, the more cargo that can be stored in the bag.

One more thing you need to pay attention to..

When determining items to loot, choose useful items and use them only as needed.

8. Armor

armor function

This armor serves to protect the body from enemy fire.

how do?

That is by reducing the damage of bullets fired by the opponent. The effect of the shot is smaller when compared to without using armor.

Even if you don’t use it, your chances of dying quickly become much greater. When you have reached level 3, immediately take this one attachment so you are not easily attacked by enemies.

9. Medkit

medkit free fire

If likened to a medkit, it is like adding life to a game. In the free fire game, this equipment is very useful when in a very urgent situation.

Don’t miss the opportunity!!!

If you find a medkit in a loot location, take it immediately to prevent things you don’t want to experience.

10. Mushrooms

free fire mushroom function

When playing you will find something like this Free Fire mushroom

What is its function??

In essence, the mushrooms in this game are functional and useful to add life or energy when needed. Each enemy managed to shoot us, but the lives can increase. Mushrooms can be the right alternative if you don’t have a medkit.


Those are some of the functions of weapon and medical attachments in Free Fire. If this article is useful, please share this post and provide positive and relevant comments. Thank you for visiting the techno blog.

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