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Free Fire Event Claim Hurry, Be Careful With This Site

free fire event, hurry up and claim – When you see a website to buy diamonds or a site that holds Free Fire events for free diamonds, what do you do? Some of you will definitely join the event happily without thinking too much.

But did you know that there are not a few sites out there that promise tantalizing events to deceive their visitors. They trick you by promising attractive prizes which will eventually lead to fraud.

You can listen to this article which will review a website that holds free diamond sharing events.

Find out whether the website we are reviewing is a fake website or a trustworthy website.

Free Fire Event Site Claim Now
A Fake Site That Promises Free Fire Claims

Free Fire Event Claim Hurry!

The website reviewed this time is indeed a website that promises free or purchase diamonds to visitors who log into the website.

You can open this website at RememberYou are only allowed to open the website, without filling in any data.

You are not allowed to fill in data on the website because the Free Fire free diamond claiming website is a fake website. Why can we label the website as a fake website or a fraudulent website?

Suspicious Domain

The reason is because the website is on behalf of itself as the website of the owner Codashop.

Even though the website domain is very different from the Codashop domain. The fake free diamond claims website has a domain which is a free domain.

Even though the Codashop domain is a paid .com domain.

Codashop Is Impossible To Break Your Own Business

In addition, Codashop is a paid diamond top up platform. You can imagine how much loss Codashop will experience if they give out diamonds for free.

It’s definitely not possible for them to ruin their own business by opening a free diamond giveaway event.

Danger of Joining Events on Fake Sites

When you follow the event on the fake site, what dangers will you get? The first thing that might happen is that your Free Fire account will be hijacked.

Because when you want to claim diamonds, this fake website will ask you to login to the website using your Free Fire email and password.

Not only hijacked, this fake site can also trade your Free Fire account. The data that you fill in in the form of an email or phone number can also be distributed, traded, or even used for bad things.

For that, you are absolutely not allowed to fill in any data on this website.

That’s an article about a fake website that holds a fake Free Fire event. Do not let you or your friends and family become victims of this website crime. For that, don’t forget to share this article with friends, family, and relatives.

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