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Free Fire Diamond Generator

Want to get free diamonds on FF? One way is to use the FF diamond generator. There are already many Free Fire generators that will give you free diamonds in the amount you want. You can use these diamonds to get various god items in the game.

Normally, diamonds in Free Fire can only be obtained by top up using real money. The good news, many FF players claim that they can get free FF diamonds using a generator. Here are some Free Fire diamond generators that you can try.

14 Generator Diamond FF 2022

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here are some FF diamond generators that are said to be able to get diamonds easily

1. Free Fire Generator VIP

Free Fire Generator VIP

First, you can use the original diamond generator called Free Fire Generator VIP. This generator is one of the best and highly recommended. Not only diamonds, because you can also get free gold from them.

Of course it’s nice to be able to get free diamonds and gold in large quantities. These diamonds and gold can be used to spin the character or god skin that you crave. As a result, you can more easily win matches on Free Fire.

2. Free Diamonds FF Hack Generator

Diamond Free FF Hack Generator

Next is the Free Diamond FF Hack Generator, which you can use to get diamonds on Free Fire easily. Why is it easy? Because this tool is a FF diamond generator without verification, so you can use it right away.

How to use it is very easy, you only have to enter the FF username. Next, just choose whether you want to get diamonds or gold. Thanks to this generator, you can feel what it’s like to have lots of diamonds and gold in Free Fire.

3. Pro Ceton Live

Pro Ceton Live

An alternative to a trusted FF diamond generator that can give you lots of next diamonds is Pro Ceton Live. In 2022, Pro Ceton Live is widely used by FF players to get a lot of diamonds and gold.

You can enter the number of diamonds and gold as you like, all for free without having to top up with real money. This generator has a simple interface, making it easier for users to operate it.

How to use it simply by entering the Free Fire username, later free diamonds and gold will be directly disbursed to your account.

4. FF Online Generator Tool

FF Online Generator Too

Want FF diamonds that will never run out? You can use the FF Online Generator Tool to get an unlimited diamond generator. It is said to be unlimited because the diamonds that you can generate can be in very large quantities, which will not run out in a long time.

So, how to use it? Just like other generators, how to use this tool is very easy. You simply enter the username used on Free Fire as well as the device platform, whether Android or IOS.

5. Unlimited Diamond Free Fire APK

Unlimited Diamonds Free Fire APKs

You can also use applications to get free diamonds and gold on Free Fire, one of which is the Unlimited Diamond Free Fire APK. Unfortunately, this method leads to scams and phishing, so the risks are huge.

This application is claimed to be able to disburse a lot of diamonds and gold into your FF account. The method is also easy, just enter your username and playing platform, after that diamonds and gold will go directly to your FF account automatically.

6. Resource Generator FF

Resource Generator FF

You can use this tool to cheat diamond free fire. Why cheats? Yes, because this method is illegal and beyond the knowledge of Free Fire. If you want to try it, maybe you can use a side FF account first.

This FF diamond generator is claimed to give you large amounts of diamonds and gold for free. You can set the amount yourself, of course unlimited and will not run out in a long time. But remember, you have to take the risk yourself.

7. Garena Free Fire Hack 2022

Garena Free Fire Hack 2020

Next is Garena Free Fire Hack 2022, which is still being used until 2022. This website claims to be able to give you free diamonds on FF, in an amount that you can set yourself. Not only diamonds, because you can generate an unlimited amount of gold.

How to use it is also easy, just enter your FF username, and diamonds and gold will be sent directly to Free Fire. But you have to be careful, because this can be detected by Garena, which can lead to bans and blocking.

8. FF Furion Diamond Generator

FF Furion Diamond Generator

Free diamond Free fire hack generator that you can use next is the FF Furion Diamond Generator. The makers of this generator are those who have made diamond generators for the CoC game aka Clash of Clans.

How to use this generator is easy, you only have to enter your FF account username then select the type of device used, whether Android or IOS. If you have, the abundance of diamonds and gold will be directly disbursed to your FF account.

9. Generator FreeFire.XYZ

FreeFire.XYZ . Generator

The next FF diamond generator that you can try is the FreeFire.XYZ Generator. Want to feel what if your FF account is filled with lots of diamonds? Immediately try to use the FreeFire.XYZ Generator, just choose how many diamonds or gold you want.

Unfortunately, there are reports that this generator is a phishing web, so be careful and be vigilant.

10. FF Cheat Generator

FF Cheat Generator

You can download this Free Fire apk diamond generator to activate some useful cheats for the Free Fire game. Besides being able to get diamonds or gold in large quantities, you can activate other cheats.

For example, cheat auto aim, headshot, blood does not decrease and so on.

11. DACX Generators

DACX Generators

The original Diamond Free fire generator without verification that you can use next is the DACX Generator. Through this generator, you can get an unlimited number of diamonds and gold, please choose for yourself how much you want to put into your FF account.

Because no verification is needed, it is enough to just enter the FF username, along with the type of device used, whether Android or IOS. However, you still have to be careful and alert, because this kind of generator is prone to viruses, scams and phishing.

12. Generator FF Spin TOOL

FF Spin Tool

Unlike the usual FF diamond generator, this one generator requires you to spin in order to get diamonds in FF. Therefore, it takes many spins to get the number of diamonds you want.

Unfortunately, many claim that this generator is a fraud, because after checking, players will not get any diamonds or gold at all.

13. Rone Space VIP Generator

Rone Space VIP Generator

Next is the Genarator VIP Rone Space, which also requires no verification at all. You can get free diamonds without having to verify, whether you are human or robot. In addition to diamonds, you can also try to get gold, in an amount that you can specify.

How to? Just enter your username and wait for your request to finish processing. Then enter the FF game to check whether diamonds and gold have been entered.

14. Online Generator Tool Freedia

Online Generator Tool Freedia

Finally, there is the Online Generator Tool Freedia, a FF diamond generator that is quite easy to use. This generator does not require verification at all, you only need to enter the username and platform used, either Android or IOS.

Risks of Using FF Diamond Generator

FF Diamond Generator

Behind the many and easy lure of diamonds, there are several risks that almost certain you get

1. Scam/Fraud

The majority of FF generators are just scams and scams, because no one will give you free diamonds at all. Even though it has a professional look, it is just a trick to outwit and fool FF gamers.

for that, if there is a site that is required to enter your FF id and password, NEVER EVER to want to enter. it is phishing (account theft)

2. Banned from Garena

Getting lots of free diamonds is certainly fun, but the risk is very large compared to the fun. For the perpetrators, they will get a ban from Garena, as the developer of Free Fire. What’s the point of having a lot of diamonds but the account is blocked?

3. Generator Contains Malware

FF generator is very vulnerable because it contains very dangerous malware. Of course you don’t want the device you are using to be infected with a destructive virus. Therefore, resist your urge to not use the FF generator at all.

4. Misuse of Personal Data

You must enter the username and email used in FF when you want to use the generator. As a result, someone else’s account can be stolen, and in the worst case the data on the cellphone will be stolen and misused.

You can get unlimited free diamonds and gold using the FF diamond generator. But remember, the risk is not worth it, because you will be faced with account blocking, stolen data, scams and so on.

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