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Free Fire Custom HUD for the Latest Best 4 FINGER

Now for those of you whose cellphones are okay and support multi touch, but for playing free fire, that’s okay because this is where your cellphone will be very useful. Because with multi touch, we will be able to feel and try to play free fire with 4 fingers

Playing free fire with 4 fingers is not easy, because if we are not used to it, we will have trouble and even be easily killed by the enemy. For this reason, it takes hard training and a good custom HUD to make the game smoother until it auto booyah

But, behind the difficulty of you learning to play 4 fingers, you will feel how the speed of play, reflexes and freestyle freestyle make your opponents surprised.

besides that you will feel some advantages when using 4 fingers, for example

  • Super fast Gloowall
  • Easy gloowall squat
  • easy Squat shoot
  • Auto nimble
  • freestyle shotgun
  • etc

Of course you have to balance it with the right training + setting. Even a day or two will not be able to run smoothly, it takes hard training so that you are proficient in playing Free fire with 4 fingers

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How to Set Custom HUD 4 Fingers in Free fire

So this time, we will discuss custom HUD settings for 4 fingers in free fire. with a good Custom HUD setting, of course it will really support you in playing free fire with 4 fingers

Now, the custom HUD that I will share has 2 settings. so choose which one you feel fits your hand

1. Custom 4 finger HUD v1

4 finger ff control settings

Now in this Custom HUD version 1 setting, you should adjust the controls first as shown above. Because there are several buttons that must be raised

play 4 finger free fire

Now then you can set the Custom HUD 4 fingers like the picture above. don’t forget to adjust it to your screen to fit

You can adjust the size and transparency yourself depending on which one you like. So, a little suggestion for some parts / buttons so that the transparency is a bit higher so that your views are better

custom hud free fire training

Now, you just need to adjust to the Custom HUD settings. Don’t immediately play rank, play in training first.

So, if you feel that this setting is not suitable, I will give you an alternative for those of you who want another version of the 4 finger Custom HUD

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2. Custom HUD 4 finger v2

how to play ff with 4 fingers

Now before you enter the Custom HUD version 2, you should also adjust the control settings first.

custom hud

Now then you set a custom HUD. You can adjust the above settings again to your convenience. don’t forget to adjust the size and transparency to your cellphone screen and your comfort


Now then, it’s just a matter of how you practice hard so you can play free fire with 4 fingers.

with you keep practicing either in training or classic mode, over time you will get used to and proficient in using it

Now as an alternative, you can also play free fire with 3 fingers too. No less good with 4 fingers

Here is a video that you can use to practice 4 fingers with the above settings

So that’s the custom 4 finger HUD setting that I share. Keep in mind that playing 4 fingers is difficult, but has many advantages. For that, don’t forget to keep practicing to be good

how, interesting isn’t it?

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