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FREE Diamonds Free Fire 99,999 via the latest 2022 script

Many Free Fire players dream of having a large number of diamonds, for example, 99,999. Unfortunately, not all FF players can make it happen, because the price is definitely expensive. No wonder, now there is a free diamond called FF 99 999 APK.

Yes, free diamonds FF 99 999 APK is an application developed by a third-party developer, which is said to be able to give FF players a very large number of diamonds. Is that right? If you want to know, you can listen to the truth below.

What is Free Diamonds FF 99 999?

Lucky Spin Diamond FF 99,999 Free 2021 Latest

Free Fire is a battle royale game created by Garena which is very popular, especially in Indonesia. This game is indeed user-friendly, so the number of downloads on the Playstore is fantastic.

On Android alone, Free Fire has been downloaded by 1 billion people, which can be proof that this game is one of the favorites. Free Fire does promise extraordinary fun, which is not found in other games.

Free Fire can indeed be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. However, in it there is an in-app purchase, where there are premium items that are sold and can be purchased by players.

Well, the currency for buying premium items in the game is diamond. Diamond is an important and decisive currency in Free Fire.

If the FF player has a lot of FF diamonds, then he is free to buy premium items in it, such as weapon skins, bundles, elite passes to participate in spin/gatcha. The problem is, not all players can buy a lot of diamonds, especially the type of player who is free to play.

Diamond prices on FF do tend to be cheaper, especially if there is a discount. However, it still takes a lot of money if you want to buy 99,999 diamonds.

No wonder, if there are many scripts or applications that promise lots of diamonds. There is Diamond Free Fire 99 999 without APK which can give users 99,999 for free, so no need to top up anymore.

This kind of stuff does sound bombastic and promising. However, no player has proven the truth yet, therefore more and more FF players are curious.

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Advantages of Using Free Diamonds FF

Imagine if you were given 99,999 free diamonds on FF, how lucky you would be. The price of 2000 FF diamonds alone can reach Rp. 262,000, imagine how much money is needed to buy 99,999 diamonds.

So, the main advantage of FF 99 999 free diamonds is that players can get diamonds with a nominal 99,999 free without spending a dime. After getting that many FF diamonds, you are free to buy premium items in the game, such as:

  • Weapon skins
  • Character
  • Bundle
  • Elite pass
  • Spin/gatcha spin royale and so on.

With unlimited resources, players can improve their playing skills quickly. As a result, they can compete with pay-to-play players, who are able to top up diamonds from the start.

With the best weapons and characters, win matches and get Booyah! in Free Fire becomes easier. In essence, you will be good at every game mode, whether solo, duo, team to deathmatch mode.

Free Diamond FF Tutorial

Are you already curious and can’t wait to try how to get this free FF diamond? If so, you have to download the material first. No need to worry about looking for it on the internet, because below we have included the download link.

Here’s how to download materials to get free diamonds FF 99 999:

  1. First, open a browser on your cellphone, it can be Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser and so on.
  2. Next visit the following link this.
  3. After logging into the site, click Download Now.
  4. Then wait for the countdown to be 0, then click Download to download it.
  5. Now wait for the download process to complete and the file to enter the device storage.

If the file has been saved on your device, then here’s how to use the correct diamond 99999 FF:

  1. Look for the file you just downloaded, usually in the File Manager, to be precise in the Downloads folder.
  2. After finding the file, long click on the file and select Copy or Copy.
  3. Then go to the Android folder > Data > com.dts.freefireth.
  4. Then Paste or Paste the file just now into the folder.
  5. Wait for the copy paste process to complete.
  6. If so, now open Free Fire, and see if the 99,999 diamonds have entered it.
  7. Done.

Very easy isn’t it? In essence, you have to move the files to the correct folder. If not, the many diamonds will not enter your FF account.


Since its appearance, many parties have tried to cheat when playing the Free Fire game. One of the cheats they tried was free diamonds with the amount reaching 99,999, whether with the application or not.

Garena has banned all forms of cheating, stating that the application is also detrimental to the players themselves. There are many cases where players lose their accounts due to using cheats or cheats like this.

Besides being unsafe, it’s not impossible that Garena will block your FF account, so it can’t be opened and played again. Of course it’s a loss, isn’t it if you lose the FF account that you’ve been raising?

Because of that, if you want free diamonds, it’s better to do a legal and safe way such as participating in giveaways, participating in FF tournaments, diamond redeem codes and so on.

Free diamonds FF 99 999 is said to promise diamonds in abundance. No one has proven it yet, but for sure, this kind of method is not safe and is not recommended by Garena.

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