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Free Diamond Redeem Code FF January 2022

Garena as the developer of Free Fire often holds events, where users can enter a series of codes to get free FF diamonds and gold. The FF diamond redeem code is always updated and can expire.

Therefore, if you want to get free diamonds or gold, you must immediately enter the Free Fire free diamond code. Don’t worry, you don’t need to look anywhere, because below, we have summarized the latest and old FF diamond redeem codes that still work.

FF Diamond Redeem Code

free diamonds free fire

Previously, what is meant by FF redeem code? For old players, you must be familiar with this term. Because Garena often spoils players with free diamonds through the redeem code.

But for new players, you will definitely feel confused about the meaning of this term. So, what is meant by the Free Fire diamond redeem code is a series of codes, consisting of numbers and letters, created by Garena.

This code can be used by FF players to get rewards, which can be in the form of diamonds, gold and other forms. Players can redeem prizes from the code directly in the Free Fire game.

Usually, Garena issues redeem codes to coincide with certain events. Recently, they issued a redeem code with the theme of the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary.

As additional information, Free Fire’s free diamond code has an expiration date. Because of that, redeem codes that have been out for a long time, some don’t work, although there are some that still work.

So, as soon as there is a redeem code sharing event from Garena, you have to get it right away. After getting it, just redeem the prize in the game before it’s too late.

The good news is, below we have collected some of the newest and unused diamond free fire codes. You can copy it and then paste it in the redeem code column in the Free Fire game.

How to get the ff redeem code through this website is legit, aka can be trusted. Everything still works and has not been used, because you have to be fast before other players start.

FF Diamond Redeem Code Collection

ff redeem code has not been used free diamonds

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Here’s a collection of the latest free diamond Free fire codes that still work and you can try:

  2. 5G9GCY97UUD4
  5. HEDPOJKMB4L (hip hop bundle)
  6. INDSG3SZOLQUT (diamonds)
  10. N6AQN39C73HV
  11. N6AQN49CGW7K

Other codes

  4. FF10-7NQ4-N9U3
  5. FF10-7NQ4-N9U3
  6. FF9M-J31C-XKRG
  7. FF9M-J31C-XKRG
  8. HEDPOJKMB4L (hip hop bundle)
  13. X59F-7V69-87MA
  14. X59F-7V69-87MA

How to Enter FF Diamond Redeem Code

how to enter the free fire redeem code

How to claim or enter the redeem ff code that has not been used is very easy, just copy the code and then paste it in the redeem code directly on Free Fire. You just have to make sure that there are no errors in the code you copied.

Also make sure that the code still works or has not expired. You should know, since its appearance, there have been many redeem codes issued by Garena. There is a permanent free fire redeem code, but there is also a code that expires in just a few days.

Therefore, every time there are big events, you must quickly find the latest FF redeem code and then enter it to claim the prize. It’s worth it because the prizes are quite a lot, and all of them are free.

how to enter the diamond ff redeem code not used yet

  1. First, copy one of the redeem codes we collected above.
  2. Next visit the official site Garena.
  3. If the Rewards Redeem Site website is already open, please login to your FF account.
  4. You can login using Google, Facebook, VK, Apple, Huawei (essentially the account that you have connected to Free Fire).
  5. Next, enter the redeem code that you copied in the Redeem Your Code column.
  6. Once it is correct, just press Confirm.
  7. Done, if there are no problems and it works, the reward from the code will be sent to your FF account.
  8. Finally, open Free Fire and then open the email menu.
  9. There you can claim prizes from the redeem code.

As much as possible, immediately claim today’s code before it expires, because it’s a shame the rewards are hefty, especially for free to play players.

Terms of Entering Redeem Code

conditions for entering the redeem code

Not just any redeem code can be entered, because it must be officially from Garena for it to work and the prize can be claimed. So, so that you can enter the redeem code successfully, you must follow the requirements below:

  • The FF diamond redeem code consists of 12 characters, which are a combination of capital letters and numbers.
  • The redeem code must be officially issued by Garena Free Fire itself, apart from them, the redeem code will not work.
  • If the code has been successfully redeemed, the reward will be sent directly to the inbox in the game.
  • Prizes will be sent a maximum of 1×24 hours, if more than that you can wait. But if it’s too long, you can contact Garena Indonesia CS.
  • The redeem code entered must be valid and not expired.
  • The redeem code cannot be entered through the guest account, so you must login first.

Why Diamond FF Redeem Code Doesn’t Work?

Then, what if the redeem code doesn’t work? There are several things that cause the redeem code to not work. If this happens, no need to panic, check a few things first, there might be an error.

Well, here are some reasons why the FF redeem code doesn’t work:

  1. You are logged in as a guest, even though in order for the redeem code to be successfully claimed, you must first log into your FF account. There are many login options that you can do, for example using FB, VK, Gmail and so on.
  2. The redeem code entered has expired, it could be because it has been issued for a long time, or the duration is indeed short. Therefore, pay attention to the expiration date before trying to claim it.
  3. The redeem code has been used up to the maximumalias has been claimed so much that it is no longer valid.

Thanks to the FF diamond redeem code above, you can get free diamonds without topup with real money. Take advantage of the free diamonds to strengthen your skin and weapons, so that it’s easier to win matches in Free Fire.

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