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FF diamond bug get free diamond 2022

Free Fire, one of the most popular games on Google Play, sometimes has bugs in it. Bugs Diamond FF is a blessing in disguise. That is, you can get diamonds just by finding and reporting them.

This is certainly beneficial, especially for players who want to hunt bugs and get free diamonds. Diamonds that will be given to inventors and reporters are quite good. Below you can see what a bug is in Free Fire, its types and how to report a Garena Free Fire bug.

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What is the FF Diamond Bug?

bug diamond ff

Free Fire is the most popular battle royale and FPS game, competing with PUBG Mobile and other similar games. This game does have many interesting features, which is one of the reasons many players feel at home playing it.

Every once in a while, Garena as a developer will make a big update. Usually if there is an event or to add the latest game data. Well, when a big update is done, things often happen that are odd or abnormal in the game.

So, the FF diamond bug is an awkwardness and error in the game that shouldn’t happen. Bugs like this are commonplace in the programming world, whether in games, applications or websites.

On the one hand, this kind of bug is certainly very detrimental, because some things don’t work properly. Of course this is very annoying, especially when you are in the game. It’s not impossible, you will die silly because of an obscure bug like this.

However, it turns out that this bug can also be profitable. How does that mean? You can take advantage of the bugs that appear to get diamonds.

Very profitable isn’t it? You just have to find the FF bug and report it to Garena. After that, Garena will follow up and give you a reward in the form of a decent amount of diamonds.

How to Report a FF Diamond Bug to Get Free Diamonds

free ff diamonds

One way to get free diamonds from FF is to report bugs. You can see how to report Garena Free Fire bugs below:

  1. Visit bug report link Free Fire to
  2. Next Register or login if you already have an account.
  3. Now click Find Bug to report any bugs you find.
  4. Next explain about bugs what you find, describe it properly.
  5. Next enter type HP that you use.
  6. Then upload proof of a bug with photo or video.
  7. Final click Done and send proof bug report to Garena.

Types of FF Diamond Bugs Ever

Since its appearance, there have been many bugs that have occurred in Free Fire. The good news is that this bug has been fixed by Garena. All of this thanks to the FF player who was quick to find these bugs, so they couldn’t be exploited by unscrupulous people and could be immediately resolved by Garena.

For players who find it, they can claim Free Fire diamonds due to bug reports. Of course it is more profitable than buying diamonds with your own money. Well, below is a list of the most phenomenal FF diamond bugs:

1. Ride a Motorcycle on Water

When this bug appeared, many players took advantage of it. It is very profitable, because they can ride motorbikes on the water without sinking.

This makes it easier for players to get to their destination faster, because it seems to get a shortcut.

How to do this bug? It’s easy, just walk backwards by motorbike, and you can already ride it on the water.

2. Zipline Bug

Next there is the Zipline bug, which is considered very detrimental to players. Fortunately, Garena immediately responded quickly, so that it could not be exploited further.

When this bug appears, players can be invisible in the game, especially when the match is running. It’s similar to a cheat, but purely Garena’s own fault.

Luckily, this bug is no longer there, all thanks to reports from players who did the test. Of course they got a decent amount of diamonds in return.

3. Flying Car Bug

Free Fire’s next free diamond bug is a slashing car, it really flies like a plane. When used, the car will fly straight away without doing any tricks or codes.

When this bug appeared, almost all players had experienced it. Not surprisingly, this bug can be found quickly and reported, so that Garena can fix it.

4. Skateboarding on the Factory

When this bug appears, players will not die when they fall from the Factory roof, which is actually impossible. Usually, players will die immediately or lose their blood when they fall from a height.

How to activate this bug is easy, just turn off mobile data when it falls from the Factory roof. After some[a detik, hidupkan data seluler lagi, dan kamu tidak akan mati. Bug ini sudah fixed, dan tidak bisa dieksploitasi lagi.

5. Bug Glider

Selanjutnya ada bug Glider, fitur yang sudah dihapus oleh Garena, karena terbukti merugikan banyak player. Ketika masih ada, terdapat bug di fitur ini, yaitu ketika terbang ke atas, glider tiba-tiba hilang, yang membuat player jatuh lalu mati atau kehabisan darah.

6. Bug Vector

Terakhir ada bug vector, yang baru saja terjadi dan viral pada tahun 2022 lalu. Bug ini membuat pengguna seakan menggunakan cheat, karena tidak akan terkena damage sama sekali.

Mereka juga bisa bergerak dan menembak dengan cepat, yang akan sangat merugikan player lainnya. Kabar baiknya, bug vector ini sudah diperbaiki dan tidak akan muncul kembali.


Only by reporting the FF diamond bug, you have the opportunity to get a decent amount of diamonds, it can reach 3000 diamonds. This is better than you getting FF diamonds in an illegal way.

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