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Download Free Diamond App FF Free Fire apk 2022

Right now, many players FF who hunts free diamond APK FF. The reason is, the application is able to provide free diamonds in large quantities. Some even claim, application it can give diamonds up to 99,999! Can you imagine it?

Indeed no one has really tried to prove this. But if you want to try, below is already a download link that you can use. It will also explain how to download and install the Free Fire 99,999 diamond application.

How to get other Free fire diamonds:

What is FF Free Diamond APK?

free diamond app ff

Garena Free Fire is a game that can be obtained for free. This game can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

However, this game is not 100% free, because there are in-app purchases in it, for example diamonds. Players who want to progress more than other players can buy diamonds in FF.

Diamond is indeed one of the most important currencies in Free Fire. With diamonds, FF players can buy characters, weapon skins, elite passes and so on.

Although the price of diamonds is not as expensive as diamonds in other online games, many FF players can’t buy them. Especially free-to-play players, who don’t have any funds at all to top up diamonds.

This encourages third-party developers to develop Free Fire 99,999 diamond applications. Thanks to this application, FF players can have a large number of diamonds, some reaching 99,999.

This application can be a boon for free-to-play FF ​​players, because they can slightly compete with Sultan players. Now they can buy characters with the best skills, buy weapon skins, upgrade weapons and so on.

Of course, it will make it easier for you to win matches and get Booyah! In essence, with a large number of diamonds, your playing skills will be better than before.

Advantages of Using the Diamond FF APK

free diamonds free fire apk

As mentioned above, the original FF diamond application is much sought after by FF players, especially those who are free to play. Why not, this application is claimed to be able to provide many benefits, one of which is in the form of diamonds.

If you’ve never top up diamonds, you definitely don’t know that the price of diamonds on Free Fire tends to be expensive, even though it’s not as expensive as other games. The price for 50 diamonds alone can reach Rp. 8,000, imagine if you want to buy 1000 diamonds.

Therefore, this FF free diamond APK can be a free player solution. With it they can buy some of the items below, namely:

  1. Skins
  2. Character
  3. Premium items
  4. Elite pass
  5. Gatcha

Very much isn’t it? You can get the above advantages easily, which is only by installing the FF free diamond application. No need to worry, installing this application does not require you to root your device.

Before downloading the free FF diamond APK, here you can see the features in it:

Features Features

  • There are two language choices, Indonesian and English.
  • Option to fill in diamonds as much as 10,000 for a month.
  • There are gameplay tricks to win the match.
  • No need for root device access.
  • The application is small, only about 100 MB.
  • Compatible with the latest Garena Free Fire patch.
  • Free Free Fire skins and characters.

So you can still install it, whether for a rooted device or not at all. If you are curious, below you can download the FF diamond APK via the link that has been prepared.

Download Diamond Free APK FF

unlimited diamonds apk free fire

If you are interested in downloading it, here are the system requirements:

App NameDiamond FF APKs
VersionNew version
App Size57 MB
Android OSAndroid 4.1 +
Download LinkDownload

besides using the application, you can also get free diamonds for free fire using the FF 99999 diamond script for free

How to install

You have to remember, FF’s free diamond APK is an illegal application, because it was developed by an unofficial developer. So, you can’t download this application directly from Google Play or the App Store.

Instead, you can download it from the link we listed above. Because it is an illegal application, the installation method is also not the same as the application in general.

So that the installation of the FF free diamond application is successful, you can listen to the tutorial below:

  1. First download the free diamond application FF from the link in the table above.
  2. While waiting for the download process to finish, you open Settings on your smartphone, select Privacy and Security then check on Unknown source.
  3. This allows you to install FF free diamond APK successfully, because the device has allowed it.
  4. Once the download is complete, click on the APK file then install as usual until finished.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you can use it right away to get lots of free FF diamonds.

Diamond FF APK Safe?

The question that is often asked by FF players is, is this application safe to use? Free Fire diamond APKs are illegal, and Garena forbids and does not recommend players to use this kind of application.

Because it is a cheat application, Garena does not hesitate to block players who commit this fraud. There is also a testimony which states that this application is a form of phishing, which causes the FF account to be lost.

In conclusion, this app not safe and not recommended. If you love your FF account, do the legal way to get free diamonds.

Alternative Ways to Get FF Diamonds

Instead of using the free FF diamond APK, it’s better if you follow some legal and allowed ways to get free FF diamonds:

  1. Join the FF diamond giveaway
  2. Join the FF tournament.
  3. Garena Free Fire’s official event.
  4. FF redeem code.

FF’s free diamond APK promises FF players a lot of free diamonds, which unfortunately no one has been able to prove. Reports that come in are actually flooded with complaints from players who have lost accounts due to using this application.

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