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Download 18 Best PPSSPP Games Under 100MB ISO Android

according to the title, this time Segitekno will present an exciting and friendly game on all of your cellphones. This PSP / PPSSPP game is all under 100mb, so it’s very friendly for potato cellphones… hehe

Just so you know, PSP games usually have a fairly large size, even up to 1GB. but don’t worry, everything has a solution, namely PPSSPP games that are big in size will be compressed so that they produce PPSSPP games with sizes below 100mb

the name for PPSSPP games that are compressed and the result is a game with a small size, is “High compressed PPSSPP Game” this term you can use to search for other PPSSPP games on Google

I will divide this article into 2 categories.. Common & popular games..

If you don’t know how to download & install PPSSPP games, please read first

small size ppsspp games under 100MB

when you’re ready, immediately download the PPSSPP game with the following ISO 100mb size below. BTW there is a size of 100MB a little more, because I’m bear it so I’m still input

18 PPSSPP Games Under 100MB

  1. Adventure To Go ISO – 52MB (Download)
  2. Angry Birds ISO – 14MB (download)
  3. Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines ISO – 110MB (Download)
  4. Bomberman ISO – 39MB (Download)
  5. Car Jack Streets ISO – 82MB (Download)
  6. Charger Tanks Squad ISO – 5MB (Download)
  7. Code Arms ISO – 106MB (Download)
  8. Dead To Right Reckoning ISO – 100mb (Download)
  9. Dynasty Warriors vol.2 ISO – 140MB (Download)
  10. Hero of Sparta ISO – 42MB (Download)
  11. Hero of Sparta ISO – 47MB (Download)
  12. Hot Wheels ISO – 94MB (Download)
  13. Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfects ISO – 100MB (Download)
  14. Nova Near Orbit ISO – 80MB (Download)
  15. Spiderman 3 ISO – 44MB (Download)
  16. TNT Racer ISO – 42MB (Download)
  17. Ultraman Fighting Evolution ISO – 66MB (Download)
  18. Young Thor ISO – 52MB (Download)

5 PPSSPP Games Under 100MB (BEST CHOICE)

1. Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted ISO – 80MB (Download)

ppsspp games 100mb

The most legendary racing game, who doesn’t know Most wanted? PS rental children at least don’t know what the map is here. This racing game with pretty good graphics is really worth downloading

with only 80MB in size, you can download games to play on PPSSPP smoothly.

2. God Of War Chain Olympus ISO – 85MB (Download)

small size ppsspp games

tells the adventures of a kratos. You are required to fight against the opponents of the kratos in his adventure. With graphics that are still good in today’s era, this God of war game is one of the small PPSSPP games under 100mb that you must download

3. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact Beta Test ISO – 69MB (Download)

Games about Naruto have always been very interesting games and have a lot of fans. There are 7 other PPSSPP Naruto games that you can download

Not only that PPSSPP, you can play 10 Naruto PS2 ISO games on Android, of course it will be very interesting & you must download it as a Naruto lover

4. God Of War Ghost Of Sparta ISO – 74MB (Download)

still a brother to the God of war game above, both of them have the same number of people who play it. It’s equally fun & has lots of challenges that can fill your spare time. This PPSSPP game under 100MB is suitable for you to download

Also Read: Game Collection God Of War PPSSPP Small Size ISO/CSO

5. Harvest Moon – Boy & Girl ISO – 137MB (Download)

who would have thought, this game where you become a farmer has a lot of fans. The game is relaxed, slow, but still has its own fun for PPSSP Game fans.

The final word

Those are some PPSSPP games under 100MB ISO that you can download. it’s really fun to play these games, moreover this game is high compressed so the size is very small

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