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Download 12 Latest FF Free Fire VIP 2022 Cheat Scripts

Cheat Free fire scripts are now being sought after by many. Lots of players want to use shortcuts to get booyah. Well, it’s true that using the ff cheat script can make it easy for you to chicken, even add diamonds with cript diamonds

but what you need to know is the risk of every use of the Cheat script, namely Banned. Okay, maybe there is a script that can’t be banned. But just be careful with the risks you will get

Well this time want to discuss the free fire cheat script which is currently viral. This article is only informative and educational. there is no intention to invite you to use the free fire script.

if you use this FF script, all at your own risk

Latest Free Fire Cheat Scripts

So how to use the FF script is very easy. there are 2 ways you can do it, namely by entering it in the FF game file, or you can enter it with Game guardian

Usually there are other additional applications to support the free fire script so that it runs well. For example VPN, VirtualXposed etc

Well, here is a collection of the latest Cheat Free fire scripts that I can summarize. I hope it adds to your insight

1. Script Diamond Free fire

diamond free fire script

This diamond script is the dream of free fire players. Yes, with this diamond cheat script, you can get diamonds in FF for free just by using the script.

The amount of diamonds you get depends on the cheat script you use. For example, if you use the 5000 diamond free fire script, if you use it, you will get the 5000 diamond. Isn’t it delicious

This diamond script is a rare script and is very, very difficult to obtain, even if there is at least it is disseminated. Remember the risk also a very big one.

To be more secure, you can use

“free fire redeem code”

but for the script, there is also really, here is the Diamond FF cheat

FF Diamond Cheats

2. Unbanned Free Fire

Survivors!  Mimin has been banned this week... - Garena Free Fire...

Well, if you think about it, we can freely use the FF script because we will not be afraid of being banned. If the account gets banned, can we still use this script?

Yeah, don’t be like that. Although this script is relatively easy to find, don’t let your account get banned etc. It could be that if you already got 5000 diamonds from the diamond script, then you got banned, it’s not certain that the 5000 diamonds are still there?

In addition, of course, free fire will be updated. Thus the unbanned script may not work because it does not match the FF version. For that just be careful

For the Unbanned FF method that definitely works, you can follow the method below

“Unbanned Free Fire Account”

3. Game Guardian Cheat Script

one of the scripts that are sought after by free fire players is Game Guardian. So the game guardian free fire script allows you to use various kinds of Free fire cheats, for example auto headshot, auto aim, antenna head, dark mode etc.

Currently, many game guardian free fire scripts have imitated it so that you can experience game guardian without root. and here is the article

“Free Fire Game Guardian No ROOT Cheats”

4. Auto Headshot Cheat Script

auto headshot

With this latest free fire cheat script, you can experience shooting headshots easily but with great risk. With this cheat script, you can easily get to Booyah. what else, because of the headshot script

Using the Headshot cheat script is very helpful for you. But there are certain ways that you have to do first. You can see the headshot script below

“2 Ways to Cheat Auto Headshot Free Fire”

5. Script Damage ++

damage script

All the weapons that you use will be more joss and the damage will be greater if you use this cheat script. The name is script damage ++, the damage produced will be bigger and more painful if hit by the enemy’s body

You don’t need to use this weapon, just use a makeshift weapon and you can war at will. Especially if you add a headshot script. disaster for those who meet you

6. AIMBOT cheats

This free fire cheat script is even more terrifying. This script can direct your crosshair automatically directly to the enemy’s body. So that if we shoot at the enemy, 100% of the bullets will stray into the enemy

Although this free fire script can make us AUTO WIN, the negative effect is that we can feel bored with this game because it seems as if there are no exciting and thrilling challenges

7. White Enemies FF Script

game guardian

This FF cheat script is very helpful for us to find enemies in free fire. The effect of using this free fire script is that the enemy’s body will be all white. So if there’s an enemy from a distance, we’ll know right away

If the enemy’s whereabouts are known, we just have to execute the enemy.

However, not all Free fire scripts will have a white effect. Sometimes the effects are green, red, purple, etc. depending on who made the FF cheat script. But the point is that you will find it easier to find enemies

8. Speed ​​Run & Jump High cheat script

Unlike the Free fire script above, this cheat script has no effect on “killing the enemy”. this script is more to trouble the enemy. How not, with this script you can run fast and jump high

Of course it is very inconvenient for the enemy when they want to shoot at you. With this cheat you can surprise your opponent behind the wall. How? interesting right

9. FF Remove Tree and Grass Script

no grass free fire

this is an anti-lizard & anti-hide-and-seek Free fire cheat. Because with this FF cheat, the grass and trees will disappear and your view will be free to see the enemy.

If there is an enemy who is prone in the grass or playing hide and seek in a tree, it can be seen with this script. It will really help you find enemies and make it easier when shooting at enemies

however, Banned and most importantly “Boredom” will haunt you. Yes, how else does it look, there is no grass / tree, who doesn’t get bored

10. Script Antenna

free fire cheats

This FF script has the same function as the white enemies above. Equally makes it easier for you to find enemies.

So the effect of this cheat script is that every enemy will appear like a line above his head that points upwards. So you can easily find Enemies in Free fire

Especially when combined with cit white enemies. Wow, the enemy can’t hide. Will be found out. for how you can see and read read here

“How to Cheat Antenna View Free fire”

11. Wallhack Scripts

game guardian invulnerable wallhack

Again, this is a FF script that can make it easy for you to find enemies. Because with this, all of the enemy’s nicknames will be visible in your eyes, making it easier for you when looking for enemies

here is how

“FF Wallhack Cheat Tutorial”

12. Free Fire Invulnerable Script

invulnerable ff cheats

well, what is also phenomenal among free fire gamers is the Immune free fire script. Yes, it will be very difficult for you to die with an invulnerable city embedded in the free fire game

So you can casually loot or walk around when the game starts without fear of enemies either behind or in front. but this cheat doesn’t make much sense so it’s easy to get reported

“Free Fire Immune Cheat”

Free Fire Script Benefits

There are indeed many benefits of using a free fire script. The benefits are according to the script you are using. For example, if you use a diamond script, the effect will be that you will get diamonds

In addition there are also disposable but have many benefits. usually used with game guardian too. You can get the benefits of White body, antenna, auto aim, wallhack etc into one script only

Even so, behind the benefits that might please you, there is a frustrating risk. Accounts can be permanently banned until the device is banned

because the risk is quite large, I not recommend you guys to use any kind of script that violates free fire terms.

Script Type Free fire

It can be said that there are many types of free fire scripts. But in general it can be divided into two. this is based on how to use it

1. Script With Root

As the name implies, if you want to use this type. you have to root your cellphone first so that the cheat can benefit your FF account

An example is a cheat that uses Game Guardian. Nam you have to root your cellphone first in order to use this script

2. Script Without Root

If this is without root. This type of cheat is very much sought after by FF players because how to use it, you don’t have to root your cellphone first. Remembering to root the cellphone there is also a risk and the warranty can be lost

Maybe that’s all I can summarize.

May be useful

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