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Difference between RPG, MMORPG, ARPG and JRPG, What is it?

In this game world, there are so many game terms that you should know. It also includes the abbreviations for Game RPG, MMORPG, ARPG, JRPG and their differences.

Many gamers can only download RPG games, then if you don’t like it, just uninstall it. There are also those who play RPG games until they are good at it, until they don’t even know that there are other types of RPGs, hehehe

Earlier, I was just writing the Definition of RPG, Types & Examples. Now I want to discuss a topic that many of you may not understand the difference between RPG, MMORPG, ARPG and JRPG.

I really appreciate those of you who don’t just play games, but also know the info & facts in the games. So to add to your insight, please refer to this article

Difference between RPG, MMORPG, ARPG and JRPG

Need attention! RPG games that you play (whether it’s android RPG games, console RPG games or PC RPG games) have more types and I have explained in this RPG Game article

The types of RPGs include MMORPG, ARPG, and JPRG. However, what I will discuss is only this, hehe because there are more questions asked

So what’s the difference between RPG, MMORPG, ARPG, JRPG?

1. Game Differentiator Type RPG

RPG stands for “Role-playing game” so in this game we play the characters in the game. Well, the good thing is that we can customize our characters, starting from editing the body & face shape or giving them certain items

well this RPG is actually a Game Genre. This RPG genre can be divided into 7 types, some of which are MMORPG, ARPG and JRPG. so it can be analogized like this

RPG is likened to the YAMAHA brand, then MMORPG, ARPG and JRPG can be likened to motorcycles produced by YAMAHA

But getting here, RPG is identified as an offline role-playing game where we run the game storyline as we want.

Example RPG Games:

2. MMORPG Differentiator with others

rpg mmorpg

MMORPG stands for “Massively multiplayer online role-playing game” where this type of game is a marriage between ‘RPG’ and ‘Online Game’

in short & the easy explanation is that… you will be placed on the same server as other online players. so you can interact with other players

because MMORPG is an Online RPG, so you can play multiplayer/mabar, build a guild/clan, Party, Raid boss to get married in the game. Looks fun huh?

Not only that, you can also buy and sell items in the game so you can increase your rupiah coffers hehehe

Read more about the MMORPG game where you can get married & make money. check 30+ Android RPG Games

Examples of MMORPG Games:

3. Differentiating Types of ARPG Games

ARPG stands for Action RPG. Yes ARPG is a type of RPG game that prioritizes and focuses on action. whether it’s a fight, murder or other actions

This type of game is indeed more challenging and exciting, when met with an enemy to fight it, is a time that may be difficult (depending on the level) but herein lies the fun when playing ARPG games.

Examples of ARPG Games:

  • Darkness Rises
  • Grimvalor
  • Restless Dungeon

4. JRPG’s most striking differentiator

JRPG stands for Japanese RPG. As the name implies Japanese RPG, games of this type must have elements of Japanese in them.

The Japanese element that can be used as a reference to differentiate between JRPG games and other games is the characters who are into anime. It’s the long hair, the colorful ones, the overpowered body and so on

From the voice style, the average female character in this JRPG has a small voice. it’s like in anime anime lah

This JRPG can’t be separated from anime fans, so not a few of these types of games play it. Here are some examples of JRPGs

Example of JRPG Games

  • Final Fantasy series
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Tales Of

The final word

That’s the difference between RPG, MMORPG, ARPG and JPRG. Of the 4 types of games above, which one do you like best? write in the comments, guys

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