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Dictionary of Terms in MMORPG & RPG Games

When you play MMORPG & RPG games, not infrequently you will find terms in MMORPG & RPG games that you don’t know what they mean & mean

some terms were created by Gamers themselves to mean a thing / situation. By creating such a term, later you don’t have to bother explaining certain things, just use related terms

example: the term “Hode” was coined to describe “Male gamers who use female characters/profile photos in their games”

it doesn’t take long, let’s go straight to the main article

What are MMORPGs & RPGs?

First of all, we have to know what MMORPG & RPG are?

RPG stands for role-playing game. The point is RPG is a game where we play the characters in the game to follow the storyline & develop it

What are the types of RPGs? what is an example of an RPG game? can be seen in RPG Games: Definition, types, examples

MMORPG stands for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In essence MMORPG is a cross-breed between online Game & RPG. thus producing an online RPG

in this online RPG (aka MMORPG), you will be placed on 1 server with other players. so you can interact with other players

what are the types of MMORPGs? Examples of MMORPG games? can be seen in the MMORPG Game: Definition, Types, Examples

Terms in MMORPG & RPG games

Buff an effect that can increase the team’s attack or defense power

Clan/guild designation for a gathering place for game players with a limited number of members (eg max 10 members)

Plug/enchant designation to add a slot

Nerd ridicule for lack of expertise in getting things done (more subtly than a Noob)

DC aka disconnect, the network suddenly disconnects while playing online games

Debuff The opposite of Buff, which is an effect that reduces the team’s attack or defense

God nicknames for players whostats, equipmentand the ability is very high

Drop Items the name for the items you get after fighting monsters

GB an activity to get something / raise something in a slightly cheating way (not cheating but tricky)

Cradle designation for newbie/noob players who play with Pro players (intentionally/unintentionally) so that the newbie/noob quickly level up/skills/etc

Heal a name for asking for blood/cellphone from a healer

healer heroes/characters that can add blood/life to friends

hitters designation for heroes / characters who have a lot of attack damage. Usually used as the main spear in the team

Hode a designation for people who use an avatar/profile photo that is the opposite of their real gender

hunting / hunt the name for a player who will go to the dungeon

Leveling activities to increase the level by means of effort (not carried)

Mobber designation for heroes who have high agility. So it is often positioned for bait for monsters

Momon A term often used for monsters.

Newbie beginners / new players in the game (recently installed)

bug a designation for players who experience disturbances due to bugs in the game

lag a situation where the game you are playing is not smooth/smooth, aka a bit stuck because of poor specs

noob despise other players because of their low skills. Can also be used to refer to people whose skills are still low

trash a designation for players who take EXP & Items that other players have struggled to find (killing monsters)

party term used to have fun together in games/mabar

Pet magical animal / creature that becomes your partner or partner

PVP (Player VS Player) which is a team against another team, or it could be a player against another player

QUEST/NQEQUEST/MISSION activities carried out to complete the mission

Rangers a hero who has a fairly strong attack power from a distance. Usually assigned to help hitters

Skill areas a move that deals damage to a certain area

Solo a situation where a player hunts alone (without a group)

Support heroes who serve as assistants to other players. That is, with the support giving a buff effect or strength effect to the desired one so that the attack can be more joss

Tankers a hero who has a lot of blood/life & hard to die so he is assigned to be a shield for his comrades

forging a term by MMORPG / RPG gamers to upgrade weapons/equipments to make them stronger

WHSIP/WISS/WISP term used for private chats / 2 people, and other people can’t see it

WTB (Want to Buy) = Want to Buy. a term used for a player who wants to buy an item

WTS (Want to Sell ) = want to Sell. a term used by a player who wants to sell an item

The final word

those are some terms that are often spoken by MMORPG & RPG gamers. Hopefully with this article, your knowledge will increase and you won’t be confused if there are gamers who use the terms above

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