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Custom 3 Finger HUD in the NEWEST Free Fire Auto Headshot

For those of you who can’t play free fire using 4 fingers, maybe as an alternative, using 3 fingers is enough. It’s just how your settings and your skills speak

The skill problem in free fire is influenced by several factors, especially the problem of movement speed. the more fingers you use to play free fire, the more buttons you can press simultaneously / alternately but faster. Of course the speed of movement is very useful when there are enemies because we can easily kill them

Playing free fire with 3 fingers is one thing that is quite reliable. because by playing free fire with 3 fingers, you will be freer in movement and easier to do various headshot tricks so that your Aim free fire will feel Auto Aim

However, because the free fire custom HUD settings are basically 2 fingers, we have to reset the custom HUD to 3 fingers.

3 finger Free fire HUD Custom settings

Yesterday I discussed how to play FF ​​with 3 fingers, please read to upgrade your skills. Now, I will discuss more specifically the 3 finger Custom HUD

For those of you who still play with 2 fingers, you should play with 3 fingers, because it has several advantages such as:

  • Easy dragshoot trick
  • Easy to shoot the enemy properly
  • Get Gloowall fast
  • Easy Gloowall squat trick
  • Freestyle shotgun
  • Headshot with scope
  • etc

Of course, if you want it like the above, you have to use a custom HUD, sensitivity and hands that are used to it.

So what is the best 3 finger Custom HUD setting? Oh yes, I will share some settings so you can choose which one is more OK

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A.Custom HUD version 1

free fire 3 finger control settings

Before you immediately set up the 3-finger Custom HUD, you should first set the control section as above. this is because there is a button that you want to add

custom HUD 3 finger free fire

After that, you set the Custom HUD 3 fingers as above, pay close attention so that the location is really right. Don’t forget the transparency so it’s not too low so it doesn’t block your view

custom HUD 3 finger free fire

So that’s the picture when you play free fire

Oh yes, this setting is a bit difficult at the beginning, because you may not be used to playing with 3 fingers, especially with the new custom HUD.

Key to get used to it is to keep practicing to get used to playing in training or classic mode

B. Custom HUD version 2

setting 3 finger free fire

If you don’t like version 1, then you can use version 2. First of all, you have to set the controls like the picture above. The goal is the same as version 1

custom free fire 3 fingers

Then, you can enter the Custom HUD and then set it up to be like the picture above. All button layouts have been calculated in such a way that they are comfortable to use and provide very fast motion results

ff settings

So that your hands will be more proficient and set headshot sets, you can use some of the best Free fire sensitivity settings below

Nahh how, dizzy right?

Maybe for some people dizzy with this 3-finger Custom HUD. but believe me, that you are just not used to it

Now the 3 finger setting is ready, now it’s just a matter of how you learn to use it

good luck!!

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