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Check Mobile Legend Lucky Number May 2022 Here

Mobile Legend Lucky Number May 2022 – As usual, this May Moonton again held a diamond draw event. This diamond draw event is an event where you can get free diamonds by entering lucky numbers.

If the number you enter in this event is the same as the lucky number specified, then you will get a free diamond. The number of diamonds you will receive in this event depends on the number of diamonds you spend during the event.

Because basically this diamond draw event is an event where you can get back the diamonds that you have spent up to 100%. In addition, you will also get an additional diamond bonus if the number you choose is a lucky number.

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For those of you who have never spent diamonds, it means you will only get additional diamond bonuses.

Lucky Number May Mobile Legend 2022

Every month the lucky number in this diamond draw event will change. To be able to get free diamonds, you have to guess correctly the lucky numbers that exist.

In May 2022, the mobile legend lucky number that comes out is predicted to be one of the numbers from 1-, 40, and 80.

By entering one of these numbers, your chances of getting free diamonds will be even greater.

How to Play in the Diamond Draw Mobile Legends Event

Here’s how to play or participate in the Mobile Legends diamond draw event:

  1. Go to the Event game page Mobile Legendsthen select the Daily menu> Diamond Draw.
  2. Before playing you can see the rules of this Diamond Draw event by pressing the rules button.
  3. After that press the edit button to add your lucky number.
  4. Scroll to change your lucky number. Make sure the number you enter is one of the lucky number predictions, namely 10, 40, or 80.
  5. Click the confirm button to confirm the number you selected then click the ok button.
  6. After participating in this event, you will get a participation prize in the form of a small emblem pack.
  7. Announcement of lucky numbers and diamond prizes in Mobile Legends will be announced the next day.

That’s the Mobile Legends May 2022 lucky number that we can give. Hopefully with this lucky number you can get a large number of free diamonds.

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