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Best Custom 2 Finger Free Fire HUD, Easy Headshot 2022

One of the supports so that your free fire game is more comfortable, is by setting certain settings. With good settings, of course, it will increase your AIM Free Fire

one setting that is no less important in the free fire game is the Custom HUD which is the layout of the buttons in the free fire game

How important is a good Custom HUD?

I think it’s very important, because your fingers will more easily reach the buttons. Your speed and finger reflexes in shooting enemies will also be better if the button placement is better

Now to customize the HUD, there are several types, depending on the number of fingers you use to play the free fire game

Free Fire 2 Finger HUD Custom Settings

Well this time we will give you a good custom HUD on 2 fingers. Which means, if you play free fire using 2 fingers, it is highly recommended to use this custom HUD.

Now, I divided this custom HUD into 2, namely for 5.5-inch screens and also 6 inches. but actually there’s no need to think about that, it’s okay too

1.Custom 2 Finger HUD [5,5 inci]

first, this is the setting that you can imitate yaa

control settings

before entering the Custom HUD, you should first go to control settings and then set it up like the picture above.

2 finger setting

Next, you go to the custom HUD and then the settings as in the picture above. Might be a little confused for the early start. But if you get used to it, it will be delicious

custom hud settings

Then you just have to go into training mode and then you can try setting the Custom HUD so that you are more used to it. My advice is to play in classic mode first to practice adjusting the settings

This custom HUD has been tested on Xiaomi redmi note 5a

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2. Custom 2 Finger HUD [6 inci]

Now then, if your cellphone is the latest release with a wider screen and a screen ratio of 18: 9, you can try the following settings. But for other HP, you can try it too

custom hud 2 finger

as usual, we first adjust the control settings as shown above, because there are several buttons that must be displayed

2 finger free fire

Next, you can adjust the Custom HUD settings as in the picture above. Don’t forget the transparency, don’t be too low so that the buttons don’t cover your view, okay?

custom HUD auto headshot

As usual, after you’ve adjusted the settings, now all you have to do is enter the training mode first to adjust to the new custom HUD.

So here are the Custom HUD settings for 2 fingers. Don’t forget to keep practicing because this setting will be nothing without practice and intention from you

May be useful

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