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AutoWin! These are the 3 Best Tank Heroes in Counter Lancelot Mobile Legends

Lancelot is one of the Assassin Mobile Legends heroes who has the ability to set skills with a high level of mobility, one of which is Lancelot’s skill 1 ability called Puncture. This ability can make Lancelot charge endlessly when hitting different targets.

As the best Assassin hero, Lancelot can also produce great damage when entering the early game and late game phases. So that Lancelot can kill opposing heroes easily, especially Marksman heroes and Mage heroes who have thin HP.

Well, on this occasion UPOINT.ID wants to tell you some of the best Tank heroes to counter Lancelot easily. Want to know what the list of heroes is? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

3 Best Tank Heroes Counter Lancelot Mobile Legends

1. Khufra

The best Hero Tank to counter Lancelot first is Khufra. Khufra has skill 2 ability called Bouncing Ball which is able to counter Lancelot’s movements easily, because Khufra can give Airborne effects and can slow Lancelot.

As a Tank hero, Khufra Khufra also has a very effective ability to become an initiator for teammates. You can use this ability through Khufra’s 1 (Tyrant’s Revenge) skill which can blink from a great distance.

2. Ruby

The next Hero Tank that can easily counter Lancelot is Ruby. Ruby has a Crowd Control ability which is annoying for the opposing team. The ability of Ruby’s 2nd skill (Don’t run, Wolf King!) can deal massive damage and stun Lancelot for 0.5 seconds.

Ruby also has the ultimate skill ability called I’m Offended which can attract all opposing teams towards her, even Ruby can stun them for 0.5 seconds. So Ruby can easily lock Lancelot’s movements.

3. Franco

The best Hero Tank to counter Lancelot last is Franco. Although Lancelot has agile movements, but still Franco can counter Lancelot by only using his ultimate skill ability (Bloody Hunt) which is able to give Lancelot a Suppress effect for 1.8 seconds.

In addition to the ultimate lethal skill, Franco also has skill 1 (Iron Hook) that can attract Lancelot. So that you and your teammates can easily gank Lancelot.

Well, those are some of the best Tank heroes that you can use to easily counter Lancelot. May be useful! Oh yes, if you want to top up the Mobile Legends diamond, you can directly top up the Mobile Legends diamond at UPOINT.ID.

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