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Auto Savage! These are 5 Tips to Be Good at Playing Xavier Mobile Legends

Xavier is one of the Mage Mobile Legends heroes whose Crowd Control (CC) ability is very annoying, especially for the residents of Mid Lane. Hero Xavier can also produce large burst damage from the start of the game.

Hero Xavier also has a very far skill range, even Xavier's skill ability is able to penetrate the boundaries of the match area. Although Xavier has powerful abilities, not all players understand how to use Xavier.

But don't worry, this time we want to tell you some good tips for playing Xavier in the Mobile Legends game. Want to know what are the tips? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Tips to Be Good at Playing Xavier Mobile Legends

1. Understand Xavier's Skill Set First

Xavier is one of the Mage heroes with a powerful skill set. If you understand all of Xavier's skill abilities, then later you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of Xavier's skills.

As for some explanations of Xavier's skills that you need to know: Xavier's

Passive Skill (Transcendence)

increases the next skill, every time his skill hits the opponent's hero. There are 3 stages of strengthening Xavier's skills which consist of:

Stage I: Increases Skill Damage by 120%

Stage II: Increases Skill Damage by 125% and drastically increases skill width.

Stage III: Increases Skill Damage by 130%, reduces Cooldown for 4 seconds (12 seconds for Ultimate). Xavier enters Transcendence mode if he uses the next skill.

Transcendence Mode: All of Xavier's skills are amplified to a maximum of 5 seconds (duration is extended by 1 second each time Xavier's skill hits an opponent)

Skill 1 (Infinite Extension)

Xavier fires a Mystic Bullet dealing 300 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit passed it. Mystic Bullet's flight distance will increase every time it hits an opponent or Mystic Barrier (up to 5 times).

Skill 2 (Mystic Field)

Xavier creates a Mystic Barrier, for 5 seconds. Enemies who come into contact with the barrier will receive an additional 100 (+50% total magic power) magic damage and are also slowed by 50%. Meanwhile, teammates will get an additional 50% Movement Speed ​​which is reduced for 1.2 seconds.

When hit by another Xavier skill, the Barrier will expand into a forbidden area for 3 seconds, dealing an additional 200 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and can immobilize enemies inside for 1.5 seconds.

Skill 3 (Dawning Light)

Xavier emits Mystic Magic light towards the target which can deal an additional 700 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all enemies in a single map line. Hero Xavier also directly enters Transcendence mode and resets the duration of the mode.

2. Use the Hurt Xavier Build

Before entering the arena of competition, you need to use the right Build arrangement to maximize Xavier's powerful abilities. When you use the Build Xavier arrangement correctly, the hero can inflict greater burst damage to the opponent.

If you want to use our recommended build Xavier build , here are the builds: Demon Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Clock of Destiny, Genius Wand, Lightning Truncheon, and Glowing Wand.

3. Use the Right Xavier Emblem and Battle Spell

As a Mage hero, Xavier is very suitable for using Custom Mage Emblems. Because the Emblem can give Xavier additional Movement Speed, Magical Penetration, and can make it easier for you to buy items.

There are several talent recommendations that can make Xavier even more deadly, namely:

Talent Level 1 (Agility): This talent can increase Xavier's Movement Speed ​​by 6.00%, at his maximum level.

Talent Level 2 (Observation): This talent can give Xavier an additional Magical Penetration of 6.00, at his maximum level.

Talent Level 3 (Mystery Shop): This talent can buy items 90% of the price. So, you can buy items faster than the opposing team.

For proper use of Xavier's Battle Spell, you can use Spell Flicker or Flamshot.

Flicker: This spell can move places a certain distance in a predetermined direction. You can use Spell Flicker to chase opponents who try to escape during war or escape from the pursuit of opponents.

Flameshot: This spell can give a Knockback effect to opponents who try to get close to Xavier, or hit opponents who are dying but trying to escape.

4. Xavier's Game During the Early Game and Late Game Phases

When Xavier has just entered the Early Game phase, your main focus is to take the Mid Lane path to protect the turret, destroy the opponent's turret, and do farming by clearing minions, killing jungle monsters to enrich yourself.

After Lane is safe, you can rotate to help teammates who are at war. Don't force yourself to rotate, so that Xavier doesn't become the cause of defeat during the match.

If Xavier has entered the Late Game phase, you don't have to play carefully, because Xavier has a weak defense and doesn't have the ability to blink skills. So that the opponent can lock Xavier's movements easily.

5. Use the Deadly Xavier Combo

The last tip is to use the deadly Xavier Combo. The right combo when playing Xavier is to use skill 2 (Mystic Field) first to give the CC effect to the opposing team, then use skill 1 (Infinite Extension) to give large burst damage to the opponent.

Next, use Xavier's ultimate (Dawning Light) skill to shoot lasers as far as the length of the Map by dealing large burst damage to the opponent. After using the ultimate skill, Xavier's stack is automatically full.

If Xavier's stack is full, the burst damage that Xavier produces will automatically increase. So, you can use skill 1 (Infinite Extension) ability again to givemaximum damage to the opponent.

Those are some of the best tips you can do to play Xavier in Mobile Legends. May be useful! 


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