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Auto Booyah! These are the 5 Best Free Fire Characters Push Rank Season 27

After resetting the Season on the April 2022 patch update yesterday, Free Fire has officially started a new season, namely Season 27. Interestingly, the presence of Season 27 has brought a number of adjustments, especially for some of the best weapons in Push Rank Season 27.

To be the best in Ranked mode, players must apply accurate strategies to win matches and also use the best characters with skill abilities that can support players when facing many enemies.

So, on this occasion, UPOINT.ID wants to tell you some of the best characters before doing Push Rank Season 27. Want to know what the list of weapons is? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

5 Best Free Fire Characters Push Rank Season 27

1. Steffie

The best character to do the first Season 27 Push Rank is Steffie. Steffie is one of the characters who got a big rework in terms of her active skills in the OB33 patch update yesterday. So that Steffie’s character has a powerful skill ability.

After getting a large ability rework, Steffie’s character can create an area of ​​3.5 meters that can block throws. If a teammate is in the area, then they will get 10% Armor durability recovery every second.

Besides being able to provide additional Armor durability, Steffie’s character can also reduce ammo damage from enemy attacks by 10%, for 20 seconds with a cooldown of 45 seconds.

2. A124

The best character to do the next Season 27 Push Rank is A124. The A124 character has a powerful ability after getting a rework. The active skill ability (Thrill of Battle) belonging to the A124 character can release an electromagnetic wave of 8 m that can disable the activation of enemy skills.

The A124 character’s skill ability can also interrupt the countdown of enemy interactions, for 60 seconds with a cooldown time of 50 seconds. The rework that character A124 gets will make it difficult for the enemy to use active skill abilities.

3. Nikita


The best character to do Push Rank Season 27 next is Nikita. After getting a significant buff in terms of ability, Nikita’s character can increase Reload Speed ​​by 16%. The last 6 bullets of the user’s SMG will deal 12% more damage, at the initial level.

The existence of a high Reload Speed ​​increase can make the performance of SMG weapons increase during the match. Nikita’s character can also kill enemies easily, because Nikita’s character gets a large additional damage when using SMG weapons.

4. Jota

The best character to do the next Season 27 Push Rank is Jota. The passive skill ability (Sustained Raids) of Jota’s character can restore HP by 20%, if Jota’s character can Knock the enemy using Shotgun and SMG weapons.

The passive skill ability of Jota’s character is perfect for players who like to play barbarian, because Jota’s character is very strong in close combat and can recover a large amount of HP after successfully doing knock against the enemy.

5. Raphael

The best character to do the last Push Rank Season 27 is Rafael. Rafael’s character has a passive skill ability (Dead Silent) which can provide a silencer effect, if the character uses Sniper and Marksman Rifle weapons.

In addition to getting a silencer effect, Rafael’s passive skill ability can also reduce enemy HP very quickly. If the enemy is hit by a Rafael character attack, then the enemy will lose HP by 90% faster.

Well, those are some of the best characters that you can use before doing Push Rank Season 27. Hopefully this is useful! Oh yes, if you want to top up Free Fire diamonds, you can top up Free Fire diamonds directly at UPOINT.ID.

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