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Adjustment Reset Season 24 ML Auto Rank Down March 2022 – This is the latest rank adjustment after the 24 ml season reset in March 2022. Auto ml rank down!

I can’t believe it, Mobile Legends game has accompanied us for more than 5 years. Currently in season 23, the Mobile Legends game has grown very rapidly. Various updates were made to make this game a balanced MOBA and not boring.

In the next few days, we will soon enter the 24th season. There will be many prizes that you can get. As compensation, your journey will be reset and your rank will be lowered.

The prize you can get this season is a Season Skin called Spirited Gauntlet for Masha’s hero. You will also get other prizes in the form of 20,000 gold and 1500 spin tickets. Not only that, there will be a Name Change Card promo and the latest Bane skin discount.

Reset Season ML, Check Your Rank Now!

Reset Season ML

For complete information on the decrease in rank since the season ml reset from the Elite tier to Mythical Glory, you can refer to the table below.

Old RankNew Rank
Mythical Glory 5100+Legend V
Mythical Glory 1100+Epic I
Mythical Glory 600+Epic II
Mythic 0-599Epic II
Legend IEpic III
Legend IIEpic III
Legend IIIEpic III
Legend IVEpic III
Legend VEpic IV
Epic IEpic IV
Epic IIEpic V
Epic IIIEpic V
Epic IVGrandmaster I
Epic VGrandmaster II
Grandmaster 1Grandmaster III
Grandmaster IIGrandmaster IV
Grandmaster IIIGrandmaster V
Grandmaster IVMaster I
Grandmaster VMaster II
Master IMaster III
Master IIMaster IV
Master IIIMaster V
Master IVElite I
Master VElite I

As stated in the table above, only Mythical Glory with 5000 points and above can occupy the Legend tier. The rest will go down to Epic and below.

The final word

That’s the article regarding the ml rank reduction information due to the 24th season reset in March 2022. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to read other Mobile Legends articles, OK!

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