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9 Strict Ways of BOOYAH in the Free Fire Rank (latest update)

The free fire game is becoming a popular game because this game provides fun and agility in playing. Playing online games turns out to be spending less on internet packages than when we play social media, so many people spend their time playing online games.


when you play Free Fire, but don’t have any new friends, or who prefer to be solo, of course there will be challenges because playing solo will be more challenging. But my advice is to have a pro mabar friend, so you can work together

here I will give some tips that you can do to get booyah when solo rank, or mabar in Free Fire. Yes, everyone wants to booyah, hehehe that’s why I’m sharing how to do it

We definitely want a victory anywhere, whether it’s in the real world or in the virtual world like when playing games.

Moreover, the enemy in the Free Fire game has many players, so it takes hard training so that we get booyah.

9 Ways to Booyah Rank in Free Fire

Here are some tips so that we can easily win and get booyah in solo rank / mabar. Well, see the following explanation.

1). Determine Landing Place

free fire loot

The first booyah rank tip, is to determine where to land. this makes it easier for us to find the weapons we want or master and we can easily avoid the enemy because we have understood where the road and safe place are when there are enemies in the same area.

Each place has a different loot quality (number of weapons and items), some have good loot quality and some are bad.

If we land in the usual place then we will most likely get a weapon that we are good at or our favorite one

so that the chance to get a booyah is greater than when you go down in a place that we rarely reach.

Moreover, if we are far from the house where there are weapons, we may lose first to the enemy, isn’t it cool? But it doesn’t hurt us to memorize all the areas because we can’t just play in that area.

Here is a reference that you can read

2). Watch the enemy that will come down

solo booyah rank free fire

this is also very important so that we can easily find out how many enemies are down in the same place and we can confirm where he fell


this will make it easier for us to finish off the enemy when we have got a good weapon and that we can master. This can also help us so that we are not backed by other enemies.

3). When you go down, take a gun right away

loot on ff booyah

Take any weapon, want SMG or AR etc, take it

this is because so that we carry self-protection from the enemy because the enemy could come from anywhere. When we have got a weapon then we will be calm when we are in an open area.

Look for existing weapons for the first time down after that then we can look for weapons that we can use to make it easier to kill the enemy and the chance of booyah is much greater.

What you should know..

if you loot, don’t be sorry. you have to know what you need. For that, you must know the function of every item in the free fie. If you don’t know, please read the Functions of 10 Attachments / Weapons & Medical Equipment in Free Fire

4). Master the shotguns and pistols

We often encounter this weapon when we first go down. So that we must master this weapon as the first protection so that we do not die easily first so that the opportunity to booyah is greater.

when you play solo or mabar in Free fire, you can’t ask for the protection of your friends. Therefore, you must practice using this weapon so that at the beginning of the game you don’t die

how about it, you better learn to use this weapon

The way to be able to use this weapon is to practice often so we will get used to playing with this weapon. But we also have to pay attention to other weapons and we try so that we can use all existing weapons properly and agilely.

Updates: In the current season, the shotgun is actually very useful and becomes the main weapon. then don’t waste the shotgun

5). Be a Warrior!!

how to booyah in free fire rank

Playing bars in Free fire teaches us to be braver

Don’t stay silent too often or hide to avoid enemies in the early game because this can make us less agile in playing this game. Indeed, we are required to survive, but also we must often practice fighting to train our shooting skills to be better.

In this way we will get used to facing the enemy and can easily deal with the enemy directly because we are used to our fingers.

But don’t forget that the soul of a bar bar is not enough, you need shooting tricks in free fire so that your bar can bring a lot of kills

6) Avoid walking in open areas

booyah free fire

this must be considered because the open space provides an opportunity for the enemy to finish us off more easily. Yes, there are no trees or buildings, where do you want to take shelter? Hehehe

tips to get through the open space is to run and jump because when we are targeted using a sniper and we jump will make it difficult for the opponent to shoot us compared to us just running without jumping.

our analog left and right swipes must also be played. because the more you act, the harder it is for the enemy to shoot you

7). Pay attention to certain places

how to quickly booyah in the latest free fire

Be wary of higher places and two-story buildings, do this because there may be enemies who have assisted us on that floor with the help of a scope, so we are expected to always be vigilant when close to tall buildings.

Tips for dealing with enemies in a building is that we take cover in an object and we are expected to first explore the building that contains the enemy so that we can shoot at the enemy before he shoots at us first so that the opportunity to get booyah in Free fire is greater.

The point is, if somewhere there is an enemy, shoot immediately. Or we can seek cover first, then we can set a strategy to shoot

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8). Beware the enemy

how to not die quickly on ff

When entering a room or house, prepare a weapon in advance because there might be enemies in it. don’t use a scope because the scope is only used for long distances.

if you are not aware that an enemy is nearby, you may be taken by surprise and unprepared for it. if you’re not ready, then you’re ready to die

if we use the scope for a distance that is too close then we will lose first. Always be alert and careful when entering a room or building use a map to find out where the enemy is.

9). Rank no 2, Skill no 1

headshot ff

Avoid your fear of going down in rank or getting a minus rank for this because if we play rank and are burdened with this then we play unfocused because we are burdened by rank values.

So ranking is important, but we also realize that this is a game so don’t be afraid just because we don’t want to play this game.

Make this game fun so that when we play we can enjoy the game we are playing so there is no feeling nervous nor afraid so with this our chance to booyah bigger.

Oh yes, for those of you whose hands are often wet and nervous

The way to get rid of this is to get used to jumping in crowded places, so you will get used to it. Wet hands can be anticipated, for example by smearing powder on the fingers to keep them comfortable

Not satisfied with the ranking tips above?
okay if you are not satisfied, you can watch the Rendy Rangers video channel, about tips on how to get better on free fire

We can do the above things when we play free fire games to get booyah easily. The main thing is that we often practice war in this game so that we have no trouble facing existing enemies and getting victory in rank.

Games in rank require good skills because we work alone, unlike a duo or squad. There are some important things that need to be considered in the free fire game to get booyah easily. Hope these informations are helpful for all of us.

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