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9 Lightweight Moba Games For 512mb & 1GB RAM on Android Similar to ML

512 . small RAM MOBA game MB & 1GB – Given that MOBA-based games are currently very trendy, playing MOBA games on our smartphones is a must. But unfortunately most of the MOBA games provide quite heavy requirements. Among them is the need quality chipset as well as large RAM capacity. But there’s no need to worry, because this time will tell you about a list of MOBA games specifically for small RAM

Unlike other MOBA games! The following lightweight MOBA Android games can even run smoothly on small cellphones. In addition, the light MOBA games below are no less exciting and not much different from other MOBA games. Curious about what the small 512MB & 1GB RAM MOBA game collection looks like?

To be sure, this small 512MB 1GB RAM MOBA game can be the best alternative, especially for those of you who are unable to play MOBA games such as Mobile Legends, Arena Of Valor and others due to inadequate smartphone specifications. So is this lightweight Android MOBA game as popular as Mobile Legends? Of course not, because currently Mobile Legends is still rule MOBA games on mobile devices.

However, there is nothing wrong if you are interested in playing it? Immediately, the following is a list of MOBA games specifically for 512 MB & 1GB RAM, more…

Other games….

1. Destiny Of Thrones

moba game for small ram

The first is Destiny Of Thrones. Classified as a small 512 MB RAM MOBA game, this game is also not much different from MOBA games in general. Of course, Destiny Of Thrones has also been equipped with an AI mode, as well as a battle between 5 vs 5 in which there are three line lines that are strengthened by the presence of a tower.

What is the main mission of the game Destiny Of Thrones? As a MOBA game, the definite mission is to destroy your opponent’s main tower. Just like games like this. In addition to 5 vs 5 mode, this game uniquely also provides 3 vs 3 mode, which is even rare in other MOBA games, besides that there are lots of cool heroes that you can play.

link Download Destiny Of Thrones

2. 300 Heroes

best moba game in the world

300 Heroes is different from other MOBA games, 300 Heroes comes with cool graphics that take the background of Japanese Anime. Although this game is quite controversial, it doesn’t matter if you are curious to play it. This of course can be a strong reason to try to play it, because considering 300 Heroes is the only MOBA game with Japanese Anime-style graphics.

I think there’s no need to doubt the gameplay, and it doesn’t require big requirements to be able to play it. the game is very light. Just use a smartphone with a minimum of 512 MB RAM, you can already enjoy the astonishing battle of the 300 Heroes game.

link Download 300 Heroes

3. Call of Champions

special moba game 512 mb ram

Ever heard of the MOBA game Call Of Champion? Call Of Champion is a lightweight MOBA Android game that is suitable for anyone to play, this game offers pretty promising graphics, besides Call Of Champion also provides more than 20 free heroes that are ready for you to play.

The hero characters in the Call Of Champion game may be a bit more like the heroes in the DotA game, however, Call Of Champion has several differences from similar games. This small 512 MB RAM MOBA game carries more of a 3 vs 3 battle system, which means it has a slightly more difficult challenge.

link Download Call Of Champion

4. Slash Arena Online

light android moba game

Slash Arena Online. When compared to some of the MOBA games above, maybe Slash Arena Online tends to be less popular, or in other words, the Slash Arena Online game has fewer fans.

However, Slash Arena Online also presents a pretty interesting concept, impressive graphics, lots of cool and free heroes. And much more.

link Download Slash Arena Online

5. Legend of Ace

moba game like mobile legends

Legends Of Ace is a lightweight MOBA Android game that was present last year, it can be said that Legends Of Ace is a newcomer as a MOBA-based game. Did you know that there is a uniqueness available in this Legends Of Ace game? If Mobile Legends and AOV provide 10 turrents/towers, then there are only 7 in the Legends Of Ace game.

Regarding this, of course, it makes the game process faster, but the opposite can also happen, namely endangering your team if you are careless in playing. Are you sure you’re not curious?

link Download Legend of Ace

6. Mobile Battleground

dota-like android game

The MOBA game that was present in 2022, for now may be a little less attractive to gamers, but that doesn’t mean that Mobile Battleground is no longer worth playing. In fact, Mobile Battleground is a game that I highly recommend for MOBA game lovers, because apart from a lightweight MOBA game specifically for 512mb & 1GB RAM, Mobile Battleground is also equipped with cool heroes, a game system that is no less exciting than other MOBA games.

link Download Mobile Battleground

7. Heroes Evolved

moba game for small ram

Well, the next small RAM MOBA game is Heroes Evolved, if we compare Heroes Evolved with some of the MOBA games above, Heroes Evolved is a little more interesting, besides that the Heroes Evolved game is also quite popular on Android.

There are several reasons why Heroes Evolved is an interesting game. Starting from very smooth graphics, animations that seem more alive, comes with game mechanics that are quite unique, and much more.

link download Heroes Evolved

8. Legendary Heroes MOBA Offline

light moba game 512mb ram 1gb

One of these mobile legends-like games also has a small size. You only need to prepare about 100mb of storage to play this game. Besides that, of course, this game is light and can be played on a small HP ram

Regardless of the size, this game is one of the fun Moba that you must download. by presenting a map that is different from the general Moba, this game will make the atmosphere of playing Moba games more different

link Download Legendary Heroes MOBA Offline

9. Heroes Strike Offline – MOBA & Battle Royale

Heroes’ Strike is a moba game that carries the concept of animated graphics. This game has a very cool and eye-catching display. In addition, in this Moba game, there are also many heroes and unique skills

This game is suitable as a distraction for your time because the game is short but not boring. With the concept of 3v3 this game is enough to hone your strategic skills

link download Heroes’ Strike offline

Well, that’s a collection of 512mb & 1GB small RAM MOBA games. For those of you who are still using a potato spec smartphone but want to play MOBA games, then don’t be discouraged just yet! Because you can try one of the MOBA games specifically for 512 MB & 1GB RAM above.

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