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9 Effective Ways to Overcome Failed Top Up Mobile Legends (ML)

It can’t be denied that Mobile Legends is the number one MOBA game in Indonesia today. With more number of players than other Moba games. Although this game is very famous. but the problem of bugs and lag can not be avoided from this one game.

Many of the problems that occur include the Top Failed problem in Mobile Legend. This problem is a feedback that is often submitted by Mobile Legend players to Moonton. So, if you have problems with Top Up Failure, don’t worry, this time we will discuss what you should do when you have failed problems when Top Up diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Reasons Mobile Legends Topup Failed

Top up failure problems usually occur due to unstable network problems or the Mobile Legends server is experiencing problems. In addition to the second problem, there are often cases of insufficient credit to make a purchase.

“How can you fail? Even though my credit really fits the price of the item I want to buy”

Indeed, if you want to buy a diamond for Rp. 100,000 and you prepare credit with the same value, this often fails.

Why so?

In the transaction system that occurs in Mobile Legends, or other buying and selling will VAT is charged. Well, usually the price charged is about a few percent of the item you want.

For example this..

When you want to buy an item for IDR 100,000, then you have to prepare IDR 110,000 with a note that the VAT fee charged is around 10%. So that’s why usually many people fail when doing Top Up in Mobile Legends or any game.

Apart from these basic problems. There are several factors that are also often a problem when doing Top Up.

So, here I will summarize several types of disturbances such as the causes of Top Up failure in Mobile Legends.

How to Overcome Failed to Top Up Mobile Legends

the following are some of the causes of failed topup in mobile legends and how to overcome them

1. Poor Network

Failed to Top Up Mobile Legend?

The main cause that often occurs when making a purchase on Mobile Legend is that your network is bad or down. Yes, this is a very rationalist article. The transaction process that you are doing does not reach the system in Mobile legends.

As a result of this, usually your credit or money on the credit card is not deducted. Because the transaction process has not occurred. Yes, you can still consider it lucky.

How to fix it

The fix is ​​very easy, namely by replacing your network with a better one. You can borrow a neighbor’s WiFi or a friend’s hotspot that has a good network. In addition, don’t forget your credit is sufficient, yes & remember the VAT

2. Have not registered a Payment account on Google Pay

failed to top up mobile legends

Google provides a Google Pay service to make buying and selling transactions in the Android operating system. This system is what works when you make transactions to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends.

So if you want to Top Up but don’t have a Google Pay account, of course you will fail in the transaction process.

How to fix it

The fix is ​​that you must first register Google Pay which is available on the Google Play Store menu.

Next, please fill in your complete personal data along with what card you are using and the number. (if you make a purchase via credit)

However, if you buy with a credit card, please fill in your personal data complete with the credit card you are using. When finished, please do Top Up or purchase diamonds again. I’m sure it will be 100% successful.

3. Increase your Purchase Fund

how to solve mobile legends topup error

As you already know that purchasing diamonds or Top Ups requires more funds because they are charged PPN. So increase your funds.

How to fix it

The VAT fee is usually 10% of the price of the item you buy. So if you want to buy diamonds for Rp. 100,000, then prepare around Rp. 110,000. Now, IDR 10,000 is here to pay the VAT fee, while IDR 100,000 is for your diamond.

4. Update Google Play Store

cause of ML topup error

Top Up failed problems are also often because your Google Play is old or hasn’t been updated. This of course has an effect because you can’t make purchases with the old version.

How to fix it

The fix is ​​very easy, namely by updating your Google Play version to the latest version. That way you can overcome the failed Top Up in Mobile Legends.

5. Clear Google Play Store Cache or Data

clear cache

If it still fails to top up, you can also try clearing your Google Play data or cache. This is usually caused by a lot of data that accumulates and can cause heavy applications to crash.

How to fix it

Please clear your Google Play Store cache or data by going to Settings > Application Management > looking for Google Play Store > Clear Data. After that you will be asked to enter your Gmail password. If you’re lucky, this way you can get back to normal again.

7. Clear Google Play Services Data

top up ml account

It’s the same with the Google Play Store application, if your problem has not been resolved, please do the following:

How to fix it

Go to Settings > Application Management > Then search for Google Play Services > Clear data. Then your system will reset all applications on your smartphone, starting from requiring you to enter email and so on.

That way your Android will be fresh and try to buy diamonds, usually this way can be resolved.

8. Reset Smartphone

top up pulse ml failed

Have you tried several methods above, but still fail? Well maybe you should do it this way.

By resetting the smartphone, of course, it will change all settings by default, this will make the error system return to normal. Then please try Top Up again. But if it still fails,

9. Contact Customer Service

mobile legends customer service

Top Up failure can also be due to bug problems, or maintenance on the system in the Mobile Legends game, at times this problem often occurs.

How to fix it

Payment problems are actually the responsibility of the card operator you are using. If you experience problems with top up failure, please try to contact the respective operator. And ask why this happened. then they will ask you to follow the instructions, please follow their directions.

In addition to customer service operators, you can also contact the montoon itself to ask for help and information regarding the problem of failing to top up in the game. Well here you have to provide some information about the game and others.

The final word

So, those are some ways to solve the Top Up Failed problem in Mobile Legends, hopefully this can be helpful in overcoming payments in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully useful.

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