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8 Ways to Overcome Red Ping in Mobile Legends, Auto Stable Network

Lag in Mobile Legends may be due to the HP factor, which may lack ram, or a bad connection factor that makes the ping turn red. the effect is that you can find a way to win continuously in the rank of mobile legends wwkwkwk

Well, since many of you may feel lag due to connection, this time I want to share How to Stabilize Connection & Overcome Red Ping in Mobile Legends

Overcoming mobile legend red pings is actually easy, because moba games like Mobile Legends only require a stable connection.

So if someone says “it’s right for YouTube, it’s smooth, for Instagram it’s smooth, why do you lag when playing ML?”

Well the answer is, what is needed when playing Mobile legends is not the internet speed, but the stability of the connection.

So the pointthe way to stabilize the connection and overcome the red ping in Mobile Legend is to keep the connection awake, aka stable and not broken.

We can use the anti lag application. Play mobile legends no longer. In addition, the ping will also decrease. So, in short, check out the following explanation so that you can overcome the red ping of mobile legend

8 Ways to Overcome Red Ping in Mobile Legend

To overcome the mobile legend red ping, you have to stabilize your internet connection.

Now if your connection is stable, it’s likely that the lag when playing Mobile Legends will disappear. how to keep the connection/network stable when playing mobile legend?

1. Use a Ping Stabilizer App

how to keep the network stable

So the first way to stabilize the ping of mobile legends is to use a ping stabilizer application.

So ways of working ping stabilizer application, that is, the application will send data and receive data regularly to a server, so that the connection is maintained stable.

There are several ping stabilizer apps that you can try

Here is a list of apps for stable ping

Pinger – Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online

mobile legends stable network

Pinger is a useful application so that the network is stable when playing Mobile Legend.

This application has a feature to keep your ping stable when playing Mobile legends. So say sayonara on “sudden red ping”

how to use it is very easy, you just open the application – then activate the ping (click the button) – press Home – then play Mobile Legends

Download Pinger Free

Ping Tools Pro

stabilize red ping in mobile legend

So I think this application is quite important to install. This app has tons of features apart from Ping stabilizer. So you might be able to take advantage of other features

How to use it is also very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps in the image above

Well, you can download the application at the following link

Download Ping Tools Pro (free)

That way, most likely your connection will be stable, the red ping will turn green, and when playing Mobile Legends it won’t lag anymore. Ok, proceed to how to stabilize the connection & overcome the second red ping of mobile legend

2. Choose a good Simcard, so that the red ping is resolved

anti lag sim card

Use a Sim Card with the best signal in your area, the connection will automatically run smoothly, the ping will also turn green.

You can try all sim card packages one by one while playing Mobile legends, then use the best Sim Card for Mobile legends according to you

The main thing is, each area has different signal quality. For example in area A the Telkomsel signal is good, but not necessarily in area B the Telkomsel signal is good.

In addition, each Sim Card also has a different signal quality, for example in area A the Telkomsel signal is good, but not necessarily the Xl signal is also good. So if you want to know what Sim Cards are good in your area, then you can check them one by one, or you can ask your friends.


There are several cases, Telkomsel lags in Mobile Legend. There are 4 possibilities,

  • In your area the Telkomsel signal is not good
  • Many people use Telkomsel in your area
  • If the Telkomsel signal in your area is good but still lags, it’s possible that the Telkomsel center or Mobile legends server is bad
  • Maybe you chose the wrong network type (explanation is below)

3. Change Network Type To Overcome Red Signals in ML

overcoming slow ml

mobile legend with a high ping may be caused by choosing the wrong type of network on your cellphone.


There are 2 types of networks suitable for playing Mobile legends, namely H+ and 4G. E or GSM signal is not recommendedbecause even though it is stable, it will still feel lag.

So not all 4G signals can overcome mobile legends which lag badly due to high ping. Yes, indeed I have also experienced using a 4G network but it still lags (maybe there are certain factors)

How about a lagging 4G solution?

There are some case also what I’ve found in the Mobile legends group on Facebook. Someone posted the contents, Mobile legends lag even though the signal is 4G. Now, after I read the comments, it turns out that many have recommended changing the network type to H +

Lagging 4G network when playing mobile legends is a rare thing. Unlike the case of the lag H+ network, this case often occurs.

I often feel this case, when the signal is H+ it will feel a little lag, when changing to 4G it goes smoothly. Tantu, you already know the solution, which is to change the network to 4G

4. Specialize Network To 4G

stabilize network ml

There are several obstacles that you may experience, namely when playing Mobile Legends (when the network is 4G), suddenly the network becomes H+of course this can make the ping go up, maybe it can make a little lag.


Another obstacle is, in your area there is 4G network but few, so that HP automatically prefers to use the H+ network. These obstacles can be overcome by specializing the network to 4G only. So that the 4G network will continue, and will never be H+.

how to always 4G???

The way to specialize the network to only 4G is very easy. So that you understand better, I will give you a tutorial.

Before that, this method requires an application, you can download the application at the following link (the application is only a few MB, bro)

Next, open the app. Then select Open Secret Settings which is in the lower area. Next, scroll down, then select the network, namely LTE Only. After that, the network will always be 4G.

like the picture below

So, the network will always be 4G, and the red ping problem can be resolved

Okay, proceed to the next method

5. Use Wifi, more stable so the red ping is gone

ping mobile legends

How to stabilize the connection & overcome the red ping in the next Mobile Legends, namely, using wifi. With wifi, most likely the mobile legend with a high ping will turn green.

In addition, wifi also has a stable connection, so there will be no such thing as sudden lag.

Some wifi often causes a sudden red ping (the network is not stable), to overcome this you can use method no. 1 earlier

However the problem, if what you are using is a public wifi that has many users, maybe it will feel lag. If you use wifi, try to stay in the wifi area, especially close to the wifi source, so that network quality is maintained.

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6. Enable or Disable Speed ​​Mode

solve red ping in mobile legend

Overcoming red ping in mobile legend can be done with activate or turn off speed mode.

What is speed mode in Mobile Legend?

speed mode is a mode that aims to eliminate lag when playing mobile legends. So if mobile legends lags, just try activating the speed mode in the settings section. Who knows the lag will disappear and the ping will decrease

However however however….. not always that the solution to lag is to activate speed mode.

There are several cases, that activating the speed mode even makes mobile legends so lag, as I’ve ever felt. If you feel that way, try turning off the speed mode.

7. Play at certain hours

best hours to play ml

So there are times when the sim operator network goes bad.


according to what I experienced, so I’m in the position use indosat, and in my area a lot of people use Indosat. Lots of people in my area surf the internet at 6-10 pm, so that at that time the Indosat network in my area becomes unstable and the speed is only a few KBps.

The main thing isthe more people who surf the internet using a sim card (eg A), the poorer the network quality of the sim card A (not all).

Maybe some of you are experiencing the same thing as me. At 6-10 pm I never play Mobile legends, because I already know that at that time many people are surfing the internet

In addition, 6-10 hours are not the best hours for Push Rank Mobile Legends.

Besides, I’m also tired because every time I play Mobile Legends at that hour, it will lag. So if you have the same fate as me, you have to avoid times when the network feels like it’s going bad wkwkwk

Well, if you are a solo player, also avoid the hours where the kids are playing ML. For example, 12 noon to 9 pm, because you also know how it feels to be in a team with a kid, hehehe..

8. Restart Network/Mobile Data Before Match

bad network playing ml

The last way to stabilize the connection & overcome the red ping in Mobile Legends is to restart the network before the match.

Before the match, make it a habit for you to restart the network by

  1. disable network/mobile data
  2. wait about 10 seconds
  3. then re-enable mobile data
  4. Login to Mobile legends

In this way, the connection is likely to be more stable and the ping will also decrease.

If you are in a match and feel lag, you can also use this method (disable the network, then turn it back on)

I also often use this method, because this method has proven to be effective for overcoming lag due to connections that occur on my cellphone

Hmmm.. that’s all.

I think a thousand more words above hopefully can help you guys to get rid of lag due to connection and lower ping.

If you have practiced the 8 ways above, and still lag. It could be due to other factors, such as HP, Server, etc.

good luck

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