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8 Powerful Tips to Overcome Lag and Broken Cracks in PC Games

8 Ways to overcome Lag and Broken in PC Games- Lag that often appears in the game is very annoying for all of us. We can not enjoy the game smoothly. Well, the lag is caused by several factors, for example because: PC which is too “low end” to play the game. Then, there are also factors driving lag in other games, for example playing games while opening other applications. Of course, this makes the game lag and feels broken. However, lag and fractures in the game can still be overcome.

There are 3 main components in a PC that will determine whether the game runs smoothly or lags. These components are the processor, VGA and RAM. The three components above play a major role so that the laptop / PC does not lag and break when playing games.

Well, how to deal with broken PC games is the same for every Windows version. The point is how to speed up PC games on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 is to empty or lighten the performance of the Processor, Ram and VGA to the maximum, in order to increase PC performance to play heavy HD games. How to speed up heavy games on laptop
& how to streamline heavy games on a laptop? see the following explanation

8 Tips to Overcome Lag and Broken in Low-end, Mid-end PC Games

Well, here are some ways that you can use to overcome PC lag when playing games

1). Hardware Upgrades

overcoming lag playing PC games

PC is still an old Pentium and want to play GTA 5 in ultra settings? yes, upgrade PC hardware dong. The lower our hardware, the more laggy and broken when playing games (especially HD games). The recommended hardware to be replaced is the processor, VGA (graphics card) and RAM.

Adjust the hardware to your budget and needs. Don’t force yourself to buy a high processor or VGA, just to play Minecraft. So adjust the hardware to your individual needs and budget. You also don’t have to upgrade the three components above, you can choose which component you feel is bad on your PC, then you upgrade the component. But if you upgrade all three, most likely the game will no longer lag.

The better the specs of your PC, the better the performance and will not lag when playing HD games.

2). Setting Game Graphics

The most effective way to overcome lag in games is to set all graphics to low. Surely you don’t have the heart, Games with good graphics are set to low graphics. But what if you want the game to not lag when playing heavy games, like it or not, the graphics must be set to low.

Well, if the graphics are set to low and the game is really smooth, increase the quality of the graphics from low to mid one by one. Why is that? So that we can enjoy better graphics than before.

how to deal with broken broken PC games by setting the graphics quality has been proven and is very effective for overcoming games that lag and break PCs. Because by setting the graphics, the performance of the Processor, Ram and VGA will be more relieved so that it can overcome lag problems in your PC games, and can increase the FPS on your PC.

3). Using Game Booster

broken pc game

Game booster is an application to eliminate lag in games. This application will close other applications that interfere with playing games. So, our PC will be more focused on giving performance to games only. A few tips for you guys, To maximize performance, check all the processes that will be temporarily turned off. So the PC will be really focused on providing performance to the game.

Remember! PC performance is directly proportional to the minimum specs of the game. This means that if the minimum game specs are for example Intel I3 or AMD A8, then your PC must be Intel I3 or AMD A8 or above again. If it’s below spec, it’s a bit useless if you use Game Booster

4). Turn off the Vsync feature

how to solve pc games lag and broken

Vsync or more precisely vertical sync is a program from VGA to increase graphics quality. Remember, the better the graphics of a game, it will require high processor, VGA and RAM performance. Therefore, for those whose PC is “low end” or “mid end” just turn off this feature.

Be aware, if your PC is not strong enough to play games with good graphics (some of you). And one more thing, to turn off this feature, there are 2 ways. That is through the VGA Control panel or graphics settings in the game.

5). Change Battery mode to High performance

laptop performance mode

By changing to High perfomance, CPU performance will be faster. Automatically, the lag in the game is reduced / lost. However, you should consider this. If you want to change the battery mode to High Performance, the battery will drain quickly. To do this, you guys right click the battery icon > Power option > Show adittional plans-Check High Performance

lag playing low end pc games

I said above, that opening the application while playing a game will make the game lag. Therefore, just close applications that are not used. Thus, CPU performance will focus on providing performance to games only.

7). Avoid PC getting hot

increase game fps

If our head is cool (in terms of yes relaxed / no stress) the mind will be smooth, just like a PC. If the CPU is cold, the performance will be smoother. So, if you’ve ever played a marathon game and the game lags, it’s because the CPU is hot. Therefore, install a water cooler/liquid cooler on your processor, because such a cooler is cooler than a regular cooler (the processor comes with a fan). If it’s a laptop, buy a special laptop fan that is placed under or on the side. One more thing, for computer users, use a VGA that has a fan.

8). PC Overclock

best pc processor

Overclocking means forcing the CPU to work harder. The advantage of overclocking is, CPU performance will increase, especially the processor. Even the processor GHz speed can increase sharply. For example, from 1.8GHz to 2.4GHz. However, the name is forcing, surely the energy will get tired quickly. Just like an overclocked CPU, it will heat up quickly and waste battery. So make sure your CPU cooler is of high quality so that the processor stays cool. For laptops, you have to think about it first, because the laptop’s CPU cooler cannot be replaced.

The point is if you want to play the game without lag, know your PC specs first, then choose a game that you think is strong enough to play on your PC. I guarantee, there is no word lag, broken, fps drop or so on. And if all of the above methods don’t work at all, you can be sure your PC is very low-end. Those are my tips, hopefully it’s useful

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