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8 Latest Kalahari Free Fire Loot Locations, good weapons, vests etc

The longer the free fire, the more you want to bring something new so that players don’t get bored. one form of refreshment so that free fire players don’t get bored is with this Kalahari map. For those who are new to the Kalahari map, you definitely want to find out where the best free fire loot is, right?

It’s no secret that the equipment you use, ranging from weapons, vests, helmets, bags, etc., is your support towards booyah. The items used are very important and get better the higher the level

8 Best Kalahari Free Fire Loot Spots

So here I will tell all of you where to find good loot on the Kalahari Free Fire map. By jumping in a place with good loot, your chances of getting good weapons, vests, helmets, etc. will increase

1. Refinery – FF Loot Locations & Bug Spots

refinery free fire

The first list of the best loot places is the refinery, so this place is in the middle of the map. so it’s very suitable to go down because the savezone will tend to cover the middle of the map

in this place is actually an industrial place located on top of a hill. But with all its advantages, the refinery is a good place for loot and also for snipers

in this location there are lots of good weapons such as MP40, Scar, M82B etc. as well as items such as helmets, vests and lvl 3 bags. Besides you can get good loot, here you can feel the bug free fire place which is to the left of the refinery

2. Bayfront – FF & Camper Loot Site

bayfront where to loot ff

Next, we shift a bit to Bayfront City. This small town is highly recommended for you to visit because in the buildings there are good loot items

Because this place is quite open in the middle, so that it allows you to have an exciting war. especially if you have climbed the bayfront tower. it’s great there you can be a camper on the kalahari map + a place to find enemies

But be careful in this place because the enemy from the city next door can go to this bayfront city, because this city is strategically passed by the enemy

3. Command Post

command post location ff

In addition to the refinery, the place that is predicted and guaranteed to be crowded is this command post. There are many reasons why this command post will be crowded, one of them is that this place is a complete loot location

In this place you will find various buildings in which there are weapons, ammunition, vests, helmets, gloo walls etc. If you go around this area, you will definitely find good items that are ready for battle

some of the advantages of this place is that the place is not too corner / more to the center, so savezone will cover this area.

4. Shrines

shirnes is the best ff loot place

Shrines are locations that feature ancient ruins that you can use for loot and comfortable hiding places.

Shrines is a loot free fire place that is not too wide, but here there are no less numerous weapons and armor items.

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5. Council Hall – FF & Camper Loot Location

council hall camper and loot

Furthermore, there is a location that is no less good than the previous location, namely the council hall. So this place describes a kind of stage for meetings, but now you can use it as a place for war

in the council hall you will find lots of good loot items. not only that, you can also find the best camper locations in this concuil building

6. The Maze

loot location in free fire

One more place that should not be missed in terms of the best loot locations, is in the maze. You can get weapons from SMG, AR, SG and sniper in this place

besides that here you can get an exciting experience when meeting enemies. why? because in this place there are ruins of ruins that can be used for strategy battles with the enemy

Although sometimes it’s confusing, some players also make this place a favorite because of the loot and location

7. Mammoth

nice gun holder ff

For those who like barbarism, this place is enough to support you to wander your barbarian spirit. This place is very supportive for shooting shots because the place is a bit open

even so sometimes this place is also empty and uninhabited by other FF players. if it’s empty, you can easily find good weapons and other good items

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8. Confinement

helmet vest bag level 3

Well, the place to loot the Kalahari that is no less solid is in the confinement. so this place is a fairly large prison but it is not being used. Indeed, in prison there must be weapons that can be used

Well, here is one of your favorite locations to find weapons, helmets, vests, etc. that can make you easy to fall behind.

Its location adjacent to the council hall and bayfront allows you to move to that area to hunt down enemies who have loot in those 2 areas.

So, those are the 8 best loot locations on the Kalahari map

In your opinion, which is your favorite place? Write in the comments

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