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7 SUPER Ways to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag When There Are Enemies

Playing PUBG Mobile games is a very exciting thing, but the excitement can be lost and even become irritated. Usually caused by several things, for example PUBG lags when there are enemies

Playing PUBG while loot or walking feels smooth, eh, when there are enemies, why does it lag? Of course this will make you clumsy and most likely will die. Because it’s hard to just aim, it’s really hard

Lag when dealing with enemies is very common in potato cellphones with 1GB and 2GB ram, even 3GB RAM can also feel it.

Now for those of you who don’t like this annoying lag, we will discuss the PUBG Mobile Lag solution when there are enemies on all cellphones, both samsung, xiaomi, oppo, realmi, vivo etc.

5 Ways to Overcome PUBG Mobile Lag when There are Enemies

HP performance for playing PUBG, is one of the most important parts. Due to poor performance, it will cause lag, even when there are enemies. For this reason, here I will share how to improve the performance of your cellphone so that playing PUBG does not lag when there are enemies

1. Graphic Settings & Frame Rate

pubg lag

Graphic settings in PUBG Mobile greatly affect the lag or not during the match. Now in PUBG itself, there are several graphic options

  • Smooth
  • Balanced
  • HD
  • HDR
  • Ultra HD

sometimes on some cellphones only 3 settings appear. Well, the higher the graphic, the more detailed and realistic the image will be. But this is the problem, the higher the graphics it will cause the lag.

My advice is that it is mandatory to set it to Smooth / Smooth

Apart from that, there are also framerates that can make your cellphone heat up quickly, waste battery and cause lag in some cases. Indeed, the higher the framerate, the smoother the movement will be. but it takes high specs to run a high framerate too

My advice, setting it to Mediumbut to be even safer, you can choose Low

2. Use Game Booster

pubg game booster

using one of the PUBGM anti-lag applications is also a pretty wise option. One of them is Game Booster.

This game booster is tasked with closing background applications and keeping them so that performance will be more focused on PUBG Mobile only

Now for those of you whose HP is not too potato, maybe this method will be more effective. But for those of you whose HP is really potato, I don’t think this is too helpful.

you can download Game booster Here

then you just have to install it, and run it to play PUBG Mobile. Now for those of you who are still lagging when you meet enemies in PUBG Mobile, you can continue to the next method

3. Setting GFX Tools – effective in overcoming PUBG Lag when there are enemies

gfx tools

Now this is one way that I think is effective in overcoming PUBG Mobile Lag when there are enemies.

The use of third applications such as GFX Tools will really help you in changing the graphics in PUBG to be even lower so that it can reduce lag when there are enemies significantly.

Even though the graphics settings are very low, at least it can run smoothly and enemies, surroundings, cars, trees, etc. can still be seen. If it’s not comfortable, can you change it again to make it more comfortable?

although there are “rumors” that the GFX tools setting may be banned. But you can practice a powerful way to overcome this lag on a guest account


4. Use Config

config overcomes lag when there are enemies

This config is also one way to forgive PUBG Mobile lag when there are enemies

The way config works is also almost the same as GFX Tools. so if you use GFX Tools, it is not recommended to use config (and vice versa)

The difference with GFX Tools, using this config is a little more complicated but it is very rare to get banned when you use the config (Unless you use a config that is too extreme so the grass is almost invisible, no recoil etc.)

Another advantage of using config is that you can play PUBG on potato phones but with an atmosphere like the iPhone 11 or other iPhones. Both from audio, graphics, etc. (still can overcome the lag really)

Well the super complete way, check it out TUTORIALS: How to Setting PUBGM Config

5. Avoid HP Too Hot

hot phone playing games

if you have played too long on your cellphone, of course it will get hotter, right? Now, you need to avoid this because a cellphone that is too hot can make HP’s performance not optimal.

In addition to making performance not optimal, an overheating cellphone can damage the cellphone itself. So avoid playing PUBG on a cellphone that is too hot so it doesn’t lag when there are enemies

You can use a special fan for gaming that is usually sold in the market, so you can suppress the heat on your cellphone so it doesn’t go too fast

6. Force GPU Rendering

force gpu rendering

One option you can do is activate the Force GPU rendering feature in your HP settings. With this feature, your cellphone will be forced to provide smoother graphics performance

how to enable Force GPU Rendering

  • Enter Settings
  • Choose About Phone /about phonejust the same
  • find options Build number / Build number. some cellphones like xiaomi are sometimes told to click on the miui version
  • Click 8x – 10x on the build number
  • There will be a notification, then click return
  • entered into developer options / developer choice
  • find and enable the option “Force GPU Rendering
  • After that restart your cellphone, and ready to play PUBG

So, this way, you will avoid lag. But sometimes this option will make the cellphone heat up faster

7. Change HP

new phone

if you have tried the method above, especially with GFX Tools and Config, but the lag still recurs. So my advice is to replace a better HP

because if you use GFX Tools or the config still lags, it could be that your cellphone is too potato to play PUBG

for that you can replace your old cellphone and upgrade to a new cellphone

so that’s how to overcome lag when there are enemies in PUBG. I hope it’s useful

If it works / doesn’t work, don’t forget to comment

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