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7 Strongest and Sickest Fighter Heroes in Late Game Mobile Legends

Hero fighter in Mobile Legends is a fighter hero who must be strong when facing several enemies simultaneously and must be strong when the game goes into the late game.

The Strongest and Sickest Hero Fighter in the late game is a hero who has very high damage and is difficult to kill when the enemy is both full of items. Only certain fighter heroes can master and win the game when in the late game.

The Strongest Fighter Hero with High Damage in the Late Game

Not all fighter heroes have high and strong damage, only a few heroes have very high and strong damage. Here are the 5 Strongest and Sickest Fighter Heroes in the Late Game Mobile Legends.

1. Aldous

For now the most feared hero in the late game is Aldous, Why? Because Aldous has very high damage. Especially if you have reached 500 stacks, it is confirmed that you will win the game and kill your opponent with only 1 to 2 hits.

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Aldous has skills that are interconnected, namely skill 1 and skill 2, if the damage given is large, a passive shield from skill 2 will also be strong when receiving damage from the enemy.

The most important thing is not to war too often in the early game, because Aldous is a soft hero at the beginning of the game. Just focus on farming and laning so that the stack reaches 500 faster.

2. Alucard

Alucard users are very few compared to other hero users, because Alucard is a hero who is quite difficult to control. If used by pro players like AURA COLD which is the Top Global Alucard this hero is very strong and deadly, but on the contrary if you just try this hero it is very soft even when in the late game.

Alucard users are always underestimated, so Alucard users have the nickname ALUFEED. But don’t get me wrong, this hero is one of the best heroes who has a large lifesteal so some people also call it the KING OF LIFESTEAL and is armed with big damage that is enough to defeat the enemy quickly.

3. Lapu-Lapu

Lapu Lapu is a Fighter/Assassin role that has considerable damage. This hero is equipped with 6 skills that can defeat his enemies easily. That’s why this hero is very strong in the late game. The suggestion for using this hero is to make sure when using the ultimate it must be hit so that the next issued skill is not in vain.

4. Zilong

Zilong is a fighter with high damage that is starting to be forgotten. Zilong is one of the best fighter heroes for lategame, very effective for kidnapping Marksman and Assassins.

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The ultimate of this hero is very useful for attacking enemies because it will increase attack speed plus the effects of the items used.

5. Leomord

No less strong than other heroes, Leomord is a very strong fighter hero when his ultimate is used, Leomord will summon his horse to fight his enemies. Leomord will ride his horse for 15 seconds which will increase his movement speed with 2 additional skills from his ultimate.

6. Ruby

Just like Alucard, Ruby has a very high lifesteal when in the late game. He is able to pull all enemies simultaneously accompanied by a high lifesteal so Ruby is strong enough for the late game, but Ruby doesn’t have as much damage as Alucard and other late game heroes.

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7. Sun

Sun is one of the best heroes in the mid game and late game. Sun is also able to beat Aldous in the late game which is known to be quite strong, because Sun has a high attack speed. Ultimate sun can make himself into 3 shadows at once with 70% damage from the original hero, so it’s quite troublesome for his opponent.

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