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7 Item Counter Aldous Mobile Legends this Season

Aldous is one of the Fighter Mobile Legends heroes who can produce enormous damage, especially when entering the late game phase. Because Aldous is one of the heroes who has the best Stackability. The more stacks Aldous has, the more damage Aldous generates.

In addition to being able to produce great damage, Aldous also has good survival skills and the ultimate skill ability ( Contract: Chase Fate ) which can see the position of all opponents. Then, Aldous can lock onto a target to crash into that target.

To withstand Aldous' enormous damage , you need to use the right Aldous counter item. This time we want to tell you some of the best items to counter Adous in Mobile Legends. Want to know what the items are? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

7 Item Counter Aldous Mobile Legends

1. Twilight Armor

The first item to counter Aldous's hero is Twilight Armor . This item can make your hero harder for Aldous to kill, because Twilight Armor can provide additional Physical Damage of 20 and HP of 1200.

The Twilight Armor* item also has a unique passive called Defiance . Every 2 seconds, the next attack deals additional Magic Damage equal to 20 + 5% of the hero's additional HP.

2. Queen’s Wings

Queen's Wings is one of the best Defense items that you can rely on to minimize Aldous' attack damage easily. Because, Queen's Wings has a unique passive ( Demonize ) which can reduce Aldous' damage by 20%, if HP is less than 40%.

Besides being able to reduce damage, the passive effect of this item can also increase Spell Vamp by 35% for 5 seconds. The Queen's Wings item can also provide an additional Physical Attack of 15 and HP of 900, as well as an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction.

3. Rose Gold Meteor

The Rose Gold Meteor item is very useful when you face the Aldous hero, because the Rose Gold Meteor has a unique passive called Lifeline . When your hero's HP is reduced by 30%, you can get * Shield of 510-1350 and additional Magic Defense of 25, for 3 seconds. The Rose Gold Meteor

item can also provide an additional 60 Physical Attack , 5% Physical Lifesteal , and an additional 30 Magical Defense that can make your hero's durability stronger against Aldous.

4. Malefic Roar

The next item to counter Aldous is Malefic Roar , because this best Attack item can provide an additional 60 Physical Attack and has an additional attribute, namely Physical Penetration of 35%. So that Malefic Roar was able to penetrate Aldous' strong defense. The Malefic Roar

item also has a unique passive (Armor Buster*) that can penetrate Aldous' armor easily and destroy the opposing team's turret very quickly.

5. Calamity Reaper

Calamity Reaper is one of the Mage items that is effective against Aldous in the early game and late game. Because, Calamity Reaper can provide additional Magic Power of 70, and Mana of 100, as well as additional Mana Regen of 6 and can increase Cooldown Reduction by 10%. The Calamity Reaper

item also has a unique passive ( Calamity ) which will activate within 3 seconds after using the skill, the next Basic Attack will deal True Damage of 120% of Magic Power with a Cooldown of 1.5 seconds. Then can increase Movement Speed ​​by 10% for a short time.

6. Wind of Nature

The Wind of Nature item can withstand all basic attacks that Aldous produces, because Wind of Nature has an active skill ( Whin Chant ) that can become Immune to all Physical Damage Aldous for 2 seconds, has a Cooldown of 70 seconds.

In addition to having active skills that are useful when facing Aldous, Wind of Nature can also increase Physical Attack by 30 and Attack Speed ​​by 20%, as well as additional Physical Lifesteal by 10% to your hero.

7. Winter Truncheon

The last item to counter Aldous is Winter Truncheon because this Mage item has very good stats, which can provide additional Physical Defense of 25 and Magic Power of 60, and can give your hero an additional HP of 400. Winter Truncheon

items also has an active skill ( Freeze ) which can cause a Freeze effect if you activate it. The hero can't do anything but gains the Immune effect to withstand all of Aldous' massive damage . Well, those are some of the best items to counter. Aldous in Mobile Legends. Hope it is useful! 


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