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7 Free Fire Shotgun Tricks (M1014, Spas12 etc) Auto Headshot

Shotgun is a melee weapon that has enormous damage in one shot. You can even kill enemies with one kill if you use the shotgun properly. you can use some shotgun tricks in free fire combined with shotgun free fire settings so you can Pro SG

yeah how about that..

Shotgun damage which is almost 100 in one shot can certainly eradicate the enemy. and this shotgun is suitable when 1 on 1 in free fire

Don’t be careless in using a shotgun!! Why??


The shotgun has a low firing rate, meaning that there is a slight delay each time the shotgun fires. So try to keep your shots always right for you


Very few Shotgun bullets and long reload time. so if you often miss when shooting enemies, yes you will die quickly


When shooting the enemy must be at close range. The further we shoot the enemy using the Shotgun, the weaker the damage will be. And vice versa

Go to the core of the discussion….

Free Fire Shotgun Tricks

So some of you must be confused about the shotgun trick in free fire to quickly kill the enemy. Yes, right??

Here’s a techno aspect of giving a trick using a powerful shotgun to kill enemies quickly

1. Use the Best Shotgun

There are 2 famous shotguns in Free fire, namely: SPAS12 and M1014.Here is a list of shotguns in Free fire

Shotgun in free fire

Shotgun NameDamageFiring RateReload Speed

I don’t know why many people prefer M1014 to SPAS12

But the decision is in your hands, you are free to choose which one you want. The point is that all shotgun damage hurts

2. Using the Jumpshot Trick

free fire jump shot trick

The most powerful FF shotgun trick is when combined with a jumpshot

The jumpshot trick using the Shotgun has actually been around for a while, but this trick will not go stale and will still be effective in killing opponents quickly

In fact, not only can you kill your opponent quickly, the enemy will also have trouble shooting you.

For that, you have to practice Jumpshot from now on. You can follow the tutorial on Trick & How to Jump Shoot Free Fire Auto Headshoot & Booyah

Or maybe you can also use the Jumpshot trick using a gun hehe🤣🤣

3. Play Using 3 Fingers

Play with 3 fingers in free fire

this is a very useful free fire shotgun trick. Jumpshots using a shotgun such as M1014 or SPAS12 can be done using 2-finger or 3-finger playing techniques.


based on my experience, playing Free fire using 3 fingers Much more powerful and auto kill when compared to playing with 2 fingers

What are the advantages of Jumpshot + Playing 3 Fingers?

There are many advantages, in short…. you can shoot at enemies quickly, jump more freely, and the movement is not complicated

Playing Free fire with 3 fingers can also be done when using Assault Riffle, SMG, etc. senjata

4. Combined With Medium Range Weapons

shotgun trick in free fire

Wouldn’t a double shotgun be better??

Haha it’s not that easy guysss

Shotgun is a type of melee weapon. If there is an enemy that is medium / far away, do you really want to shoot that enemy with a shotgun?

Let alone death, the damage is not necessarily if you shoot enemies that are medium / far away using a shotgun

The right shotgun trick in free fire, namely Shotguns combined with AR Weapons . You can read the 5 recommendations for the best Free Fire AR Weapons

5. Be Courageous!

kill enemies with shotgun

You must have a brave soul. Keep the fear of the enemy.

Because of a…. Shotgun will be powerful if you shoot enemies at close range. The closer it gets, the more damage it hurts. other than that it’s easier to headshot on Free Fire

Therefore, so that the enemy quickly dies, you also have to think of ways to get close to the enemy so that your shotgun is powerful

It takes a brave mentality so that you can approach the enemy and play aggressively

Btw, being brave is not enough, it must be balanced with increasing the Powerful Shooting skill so that it is easy to kill the enemy

6. Use Your Best Sensitivity

best sensitivity setting

One of Foundation FF shotgun trick is sensitivity. Sensitivity is important for game comfort and can improve your ability and agility in playing

If you can already use the Jumpshot Trick and the 3-finger Trick, then it’s needed Support in the form of sensitivity setting shotgun free fire so that you are more pro SG

If you look at the Free fire YouTubers, of course they have their own sensitivity.

Sensitivity actually depends on your inner comfort. There are those who like low, medium or high sensitivity

The sensitivity of the famous youtuber, there is Wawan mks sensitivity, Frontal Gaming etc for sure the settings are powerful. Curious? here is the link

You can choose from 11+ Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings to make your game more Pro!

7. Ammo in weapons must always be Full

free fire shotgun settings

The weakness of the shotgun weapon is that it can only accommodate 5/6 bullets.

Of course when you are still not ready, in the sense that in your weapon there are only 2 bullets, of course it will be difficult when there are enemies

so always prepare Shotgun Ammunition in full so that you are ready to face the enemy

Those are 7 shotgun tricks in Free fire

Hope your game is getting PRO!! Happy Trying!

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